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HEI Distributor DUI, 225 V6 Odd Fire, 1966-1971, Jeepster Commando, CJ5, and CJ6

HEI Distributor DUI, 225 V6 Odd Fire, 1966-1971, Jeepster Commando, CJ5, and CJ6

Part #: 63720-EXT
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Part Number 63720-EXT has an extended shaft to allow the distributor to clear the intake and head on 66-71 Dauntless 225 CI Odd Fire engines. We do not recommend using the shorter version. If you want the correct HEI this is the only option. These take 4-8 weeks to receive. Fits:

  • 1966-1971 CJ-5, CJ-6, and Jeepster Commando with 225 V6 Dauntless Odd Fire. 
    • Simple One-Wire Hookup
    • Internal Coil and Module
    • Instant Throttle Response
    • Custom Tailored Advance Curve
    • Mud, Water and Vibration Proof

Our DUI Distributor is one of the best selling ignition systems we offer. This is due to the simple one piece design, easy installation and performance enhancements over a stock ignition system. The all-in-one DUI replaces the weak three component system that came standard on the AMC engines and utilizes only one 12 volt hot wire for hookup. The DUI is equipped with an internal 50,000 volt coil, which will fire a spark plug gap as large as .055″! Our high dwell Dyna-Module, located inside the distributor, increases spark duration for improvements in throttle response and low end power. The DUI centrifugal advance system is a true Performance Distributors specialty. We use a high performance weight and spring assembly engineered for super smooth operation. The mechanical advance is then tuned using a Sun distributor machine to ensure a precise timing curve that will provide maximum power throughout the RPM range while eliminating engine damaging detonation. An adjustment free vacuum advance canister is selected to work with the centrifugal advance for better drivability and increased fuel mileage. Ballast resistors are not required for the DUI as this system works best with full alternator voltage.

If your AMC engine is powering your Jeep through the mudholes or pushing your Pacer down the freeway, the DUI will be the most powerful and reliable ignition system you can get to make your engine run like never before! This unit is a real work of craftsmanship and although it is uniquely designed, replacement parts are easy to find. GM High Energy Ignition (H.E.I.) parts such as a coil, module, cap or rotor will fit right on the D.U.I. These parts can be found at any local auto parts store. The Street/Strip version is designed for a maximum of 7000 rpm's and works great for off-road vehicles, daily drivers and drag cars.

Please note that DUI Distributors may not be ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several days to complete before shipping out. During our busy season (March-September), build times can take slightly longer.*The AMC Street/Strip DUI is covered by a one year warranty from date of purchase.*Not Legal For Sale or Use on Any Pollution-Controlled Vehicle in California.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tracy Grinnell
Everything I hoped it would be.

2 years ago I paid a shop to upgrade my stock distributor to HEI. It worked so I was happy but the engine would miss every now and then and I couldn't figure out what it was. Eventually it stopped firing all together. I changed the coil then the modulator but was still never right. After ordering this DUI unit and installing it I am very happy. It started right up and I haven't had a single problem.
Easy install, works great. Thank you very much for being there for us Jeepster owners!

Tim Keebler
The only one to buy

The only one to buy.. it cost a little more $$
But the horsepower and how much more responsive it is so worth it

Juan Zayas
CJ5A with A/C & P/S 225 V6 Distributor conversion to DUI

I bought this ignition system because I was having problems starting my engine after running it for a while and it was hot. This was my second attempt converting the distributor to an electronic ignition. The first time I bought one similar, but the shaft was about 1 inch shorter, and it rubs against the intake manifold preventing it from engaging inside and rotating it for timing purposes. This distributor is longer made specifically for the V6 in a jeep with stock manifolds. It fits perfectly and easily rotates for timing purposes. It is more expensive, but it fits. Only had to slightly modify the distributor hold down bracket by making the center hole of the bracket oval so it could fit and hold the distributor down. The cables that they sell are good quality and works with the distributor but in my application, I have A/C and P/S; I will probably make my own cables in the future so they can be ran under the A/C and P/S brackets instead of running them around the carburetor on top of the intake manifold.
Anyway, I recommend the DUI they sell because it fits and resolves all my starting problems.

Jason Deen
Costumer Service is Amazing

You guys went above and beyond expectations. Looking forward to ordering more stuff from y’all