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Things To Keep In Mind When Installing Jeep Decals and Plates

So, you're taking on the exciting task of restoring your Jeep. That's great! As you know, it's not just about the engine and tires but also the smaller details likeJeep decals and plates. These finishing touches can make your Jeep stand out, but installing them correctly can seem tricky.

Failing to take the time to install these elements properly can throw your restoration project into a tailspin. This is why you need to take the time to learn how to install them.

Here are some things to focus on when installing new Jeep decals and plates.

Prepare the Surface

Before diving into the installation process, preparing the surface is crucial. You want to ensure the area where you will apply the Jeep decals and plates is clean, dry, and free of grease or wax. This step is super important, as any dirt or oily residue can prevent the decals and plates from sticking correctly.

You can use a mixture ofwater and a mild detergent to clean the surface. This will effectively remove any grime or dirt lingering on the surface. If the surface has any wax or grease, use a bit of alcohol to get rid of it.

Ensure you allow the surface to dry completely before moving on to the next step. This way, you're setting yourself up for a smooth and successful installation of your Jeep decals and plates.

Align Your Jeep Decals and Plates Properly

When installing Jeep decals and plates, alignment is critical. You want your Jeep to look as authentic and professional as possible, right? Well, that's where proper placement comes in.

To get it right, you can use guidelines, measurements, or templates to help you position the decals and plates accurately. You don't want it to be crooked or off-center when you're hanging a picture.

Using the Right Tools

Equipping yourself withthe right tools can make applying decals simpler and more efficient. A squeegee can help ensure a smooth application by pushing out any air bubbles trapped under the decal.

A utility knife can be your best friend for precision trimming the decal edges, but remember to use it cautiously to avoid unnecessary cuts or scratches on your Jeep.

If the decal proves stubborn or needs to mold to a complex shape, a heat gun might be handy; just be sure to keep the heat gentle and even. As for the plates, you'll need screwdrivers or a rivet tool for secure and proper installation.

Give Your Decals Time To Set

Once you have successfully installed your Jeep decals and plates, giving them ample time to set before bringing your vehicle into harsh weather or washing it is crucial. The adhesive used on these decals needs time to bond firmly with the surface of your Jeep, usually a few hours to a day, depending on the specific product instructions.

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