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3 Great Features Of The Jeepsterman Willys Website

At Jeepsterman.com, we put together an excellent resource for people who own these interesting old vehicles.

Our website is a one-stop shop for the Willys aficionado and anyone interested in these iconic legacy jeeps who wants to learn more about their history, figure out what parts are available, and strategize how to maintain these regal vehicles as they age.

More Willys History

You can learn much more about the Willys/Overland brand from our website, including many blog posts on the history of these military and civilian vehicles.

But people come here wanting help on how to get the bright aftermarket parts or tips for maintaining their Willys over time. Here are three excellent features that help you to do the maintenance that's required…

Know Your Jeep

There is a reason that we have a detailed set of model names with accompanying photos on the site. When you're looking up the CJ series, the "Woodies" or some other Willys, you need to know which parts and systems go with your particular model. But just reading these model names in text can be very confusing – think about your old-school auto parts store catalog on the early Internet that didn't have any pictures.

With our site, you can easily look up your model and go from there, which greatly assists our customers!

Disc Brake Conversion Kits

You can also get a disc brake conversion kit for your Willys that offers the parts you need to ensure your Jeep can stop on a dime.

This kit comes with large heavy-duty rotors, a GM metric caliper, and other parts. As we point out in our how-tos, you reuse your hub with this kit, so you don't have to get one shipped to you. We support our customers in figuring out how to install one of these kits efficiently.

YouTube Video Series

Speaking of how-to videos, our YouTube series tells you everything you need to know about Willys brake conversion kits and much more.

For example, you can check out our poly gas tanks that remove the headache of maintaining your vehicle's gasoline storage unit.

So many people have told us how helpful these are because of the corrosion and rust on the original gas tanks. With the right installation and support, you can make your Jeep last longer by restoring Willys models and keeping them in safe and drivable condition.

That's not all we have on our website, but it's sort of an intro to some things that help our customers the most. Again, you can chart the progress of the Overland Corporation in making Willys through the ages and learn a lot more about your antique vehicle. You can also be part of a community of Willys owners interacting with us and each other on the site! Take a look. 

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