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WWII Gear| 82nd Airborne 508th

all right we're here with the 82nd Airborne 508th of the tree green acting units yeah we're here displaying some of our gear World War II there you go the first rifle here is the 1903 Springfield Mall model rifle it was designed and used for world one designed in 1903

[Music] the Browning 1919 machine gun we have the A4 variant here we'll work on a tripod oh my and the A6 variant which is the bipod yeah that's a massive gun which is it shooting these yeah it shoots the belt fed 30 odd six round and then for size comparison this is the 50 caliber too running wild wow here we have the Browning machine gun [Music] this is what Bonnie and Clyde used right yes they use the sawed off version of it it shoots a 21 ounce magazine and here's the Gunners belt has the cup so that they can put the butt of the rifle in the car and fire it oh everyone else in the squad we carry ammo uh here we have two M1 Greyhounds oh this is the version here it's just a standard issue and the one behind it is has the setup for the rifle grenade launcher here's the site you put it on the ground and knowing your range you can adjust the dial and you get it level and you shoot it but the whole projectile would come off the end here this is the grenade setup where you pull the pin and you can launch it it could even come loose up when it landed and it'll go off this is just the high explosive round nice I like that anything else on these tables over here we have uh two trench guns the 1897 version 12 gauge the model 620 version [Music] carbine M1 carbine shot a 30 round magazine just 30 caliber it's a smaller pistol round almost a little less power than the 30 got six but a high capacity they have some here is the paratrooper version it had a folding stock to make it lighter to make it easier to carry a parachute into an enemy territory with in this case a little smaller lighter weight than the M1 grand I know so awesome Thompson submachine gun oh wow the M1A1 version 30 round magazine in it and uh here's a 20 round magazine yeah

1911. oh that's cute

this is uh 1917 revolver uh yeah model agency

then we have over here was the grease gun that they they use the mechanic shops whenever this model M3 was made the soldiers instantly recognized what it was and they didn't call them three they called the grease gun so this is the M3 version it's down 3a1 what they found out was that this handle here to [ __ ] the weapon would break so then you couldn't [ __ ] your weapon so what they did was they put a little hole in the receiver there that you used your finger to [ __ ] the weapon [Music]

but the diesel right here I'll shoot uh 45 ACP so tell me about this this is the this here is a Suzuka basically it's a metal pipe with a electrical wiring it's about a little battery in it you hook up you put the rocket into the back of it there'd be a propellant that worked off a fuse I have wires you hooked wires up to the each side you just point pull the trigger and shoot a rocket out [Music]

this is the 1919 A4 version [Music] it shows it on the tripod I said all right this is this is artillery right this is an 81 millimeter mortar

part that it's on is they call it a paratrooper cart and it was made to be pulled by a couple guys and they made accessories for it to do all types of things accessories on this one are specifically for the 81 millimeter mortar to strap in all the pieces

is this y'all's Jeep yes this is this is the gold right here so tell me about it 1943 Ford uh gpw

did you guys restore it or uh no we did not restore it um it's our majors vehicle

has the uh machine gun mount has the Cavalry holster for the M1 gram so what's that what is this one this is the Browning 1919 machine gun [Applause]

[Music] yes

okay do you guys do a lot of shows or we do uh setups to display yes and also doing acting for uh tactical tactical uh events where we fight guys that are dressed up as Germans how many guys do that actually we are usually outnumbered badly oh really because people that are really into uh the World War II History part of it um German stuff is really hard to find so people that collect American stuff once they have everything they start collecting German stuff so uh there's a lot of people with a lot of stuff for the Germans and they're uh they collected just because of what their interest in history do you guys uh just see how many times have you ever been to bantam this is our unit's second time it's my fourth [Music]

and you guys are the Airborne huh 82nd Airborne yes

hey thank you you're welcome 

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