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Willys Jeep Adventures 522

It's not just about carburetors. It's about the whole motor. It's about the whole experience. Unless everything is right, nothing will be right. Your timing has to be right your, valves have to be right. The points need to be set correctly, the spark plugs is that correct. Then we worry about the gas, then we worry about the carburetor that's basically it.

It's really unique because it's the early model Jeep. This has the unique features than just the fire department aspect- also makes it pretty unique. Runs really well, has extremely low miles, always stored inside at the fire station. And just historically it just has a lot of just cool and interesting stuff going on with it. So it's untouched, uh, owned and operated by firefighters its whole life at the fire station.

From here in Eau Claire to Moab Utah, on the first Epic Willys Adventure.

Can you show me the inside? Lets look at the inside.


It's that epic logo?

Oh yeah! Our rugged radios for communication uh, pretty Spartan interior we have our documentation from the trips on the headliner.

Is this your air conditioner over here?

Yeah! It doesn't work really, it was more- it's now more for novelty. it's kind of fun though.

These are pickup truck and station wagon hoods, like I said they're the 50 to 64. I've got a ton of them. They are expensive to ship um, but we can ship these things. They range in price just depending on the quality, rust damage, stuff like that. Some people are buying these things for wall art because they are pretty cool. Keep walking down.

What are we in the middle of Kansas? Nebraska... we're like in the middle of Nebraska. Day two, see what happens.

The 1919 A4 version. That shows it on the tripod.

So all right this is this is artillery right?

This is an 81 millimeter mortar cart that it's on, they call it a paratrooper cart and it was made to be pulled by a couple guys. And they made accessories for it to do all types of things accessories on this one are specifically for the 81 millimeter mortar to strap in all the pieces.

Nice, is this y'all's Jeep?


This is this is the gold right here! So tell me about it.

1943 Ford GPW. 

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