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Willys Jeep Adventures: 212

But I spent hours wet sanding this thing just wet sanding it to bring out the the flat in the corner so it wasn't peeling, and then we put a clear coat on it. But it shows through- all the difference colors this Jeep's had. It started out as what?... pasture green, somebody painted it yellow, and then we ended up with with this Alice Chalmers Persian Orange. I couldn't I couldn't bear changing it, it just looks perfect the way it is.

It does it looks it looks great, it really does.

225 engines that are getting kind of hard to come by... this is a great conversion whether you have a CJ flat Fender or you have a Jeepster Commando. These came in the 66 through 71 Jeepster Commando and CJ5 and CJ6. We do have several of these great upgrades if you're trying to get away from the four cylinder, or you just can't find a four cylinder anymore.

It's got a on fire V6 a motor out of a 1966 CJ5. The axles are out of a 61 Willys pickup just to get the 488 rigors original transfer case, and it's got a T98 four-speed transmission. Two years in a row down in Winchester show, we won the slowest truck race... and it's pretty slow, yep. Today I brought it with a load of firewood on there to just have it more of a working truck. I built the head rack and state pockets for the same reason. Really working for me. 

It looks good!

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