Willys Jeep Adventures: 116 - The JeepsterMan

Willys Jeep Adventures: 116

Yeah there's one on the front of Amos ready to lend a hand.

All right so this part of the Mesa Dixon show up here in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Here's our Convoy; we're getting ready to go on a historic war tour. See, so lead I got us a nice 2A, there's a GPW, 3B, MB, 3A another 3A, and then ol' Russ Watton's out here and his uh Willy's wagon.

And today we're going to talk about one of the NOS parts that we carry. I'm not going to take this out of the package because when we sell these we like to send them with the NOS packaging, so customers know what they're getting. This is a hot selling item that we have and they're not going to last forever, these are the Presto light rear tail light lenses that you found on some of the CJ Vehicles. You can see the red lens and then the Chrome bezel with this one.

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