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Willys Jeep Adventure: 009

If you see the chunks out of these tires though yeah I did and I saw that and I was like oh you gotta go to change tires where you go

I got I got into Jeeps when I was 10 years old grade school went to the library picked up a book called The Year of the Jeep I read it I was 10 years old I must have read that book 50 times it's about a kid who finds a Jeep in a barn I was bit for the rest of my life and I had to have it I bought this is the kind of Jeep that they talked about in that book and I had to have it and it's like a sickness it's an illness I can't get it out of my system I I can't stop that was the the coolest thing in the world was that to read the story about that kid in his Jeep and it's been with me ever since so what are you gonna do there's no there's no cure I'm gonna die with it

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan uh today we're looking at a cj3b and today we're going to talk about the 16-inch wheels that we sell the steel wheels we have these on our website just like the wheels you find on the CJs the trucks the wagons um this 16-inch wheel came on all sorts of stuff five by five and a half bolt pattern a fairly narrow wheel on these things I think they're about five and a half inches I believe I remember correctly but you can find these on our website uh if you're looking for these it's the jeepsterman.com or sales at the jeepsterman.com we also have the combat rims for the military vehicles so those haven't been available for a while but we do have those as well the combat Wheels that people are looking for you got questions you can email Us sales at the futureman.com thanks

give the interior for us she wanted it kind of went with the gray and white uh pretty much

they originally had probably smooth vinyl seats but these are kind of I don't know they look good looks good it looks really good we got the floor mat in and that was no small jump

I take it it was the Burl green at one point and it was green so there's I don't know what Jeep did but they must have had a good deal on green paint because you see hundreds of them yeah [Music]

as soon as you squirt it on there I knew it was gonna leak oh man good night yeah and seconded through the base of the carburetor

IC gasket all right

tune up or figure out why the Jeepster here isn't running it just turned over and over and over the other morning and it won't fire so I'm gonna go through and check everything out but uh see what we got to do get that running but first gonna walk to the beach I'm gonna go say my good morning to the ocean

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