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SC1 Jeepster Commando SOLD

Hey guys this is John at JeepsterMan you can see us with our well used to be our 1971 Jeepster Commando we just sold it and Mecum i just sold it probably 20 30 minutes ago but this was a 71 jeepster commando sc1 edition uh just went across the floor and sold the vehicle i'm sure somebody will enjoy it we've been selling more of these vehicles so if you're looking to sell one of your jeeps or willys vehicles feel free to reach out to us and get any questions about selling your vehicles and whatnot we can help

if you're doing a willys or jeep restoration looking for parts we do have a brand new Willys and jeep restoration parts catalog from the jeepster man in the catalog you're going to find cj2a 3a3b cj5678 and of course the willys overland truck station wagon jeepster and commando parts inside this catalog you're going to find exclusive parts only made by the jeepster man right here in the us of a and if you'd like your free copy go to and get your free copy today

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