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EWA: Team "Ollie"

Part #: 900001

We're  out on day three here uh on the Epic Willys Adventure Race for the Concord Cup we are here at, you can say the name. Ticonderoga. We're finished for the day we're at the Advanced Auto Parts um so it's all about helping your team members, making sure everybody gets here. So "Ollie" here's been having some problems with his carburetor possibly. We don't know for sure, we do have a extra carburetor. Why don't you tell us about your team. So it's a- "Olllie" is a 1948 pickup and we have a 161 cubic inch Flathead straight six in it. Uh we're running a Daytona carb, and and today we lost- seem to, it appears... we have lost the idle circuit on the carb. We've taken it apart, we've tried cleaning it, um the filter that was on the- the carb uh had some some mud in it. It was pretty muddy um and so I'm thinking we've just over- over contaminated it. I don't think it's going to clean up at all. So we're getting helped out. We've got a brand new- um, this is the Daytona carburetor that we carry, the universal one. This one fits many different models cuz you can see it's got the spread out bolts there so it'll fit several different intakes. This is the carburetor he had on there before, we really like these things. We're running it on the 3B over there and then there's another guy who's here also running one. Danny's running one. Danny on the 134 yeah. We really had good luck with these things we're just simply swapping that one out I think he's had that one for about 2 years. Yep. We don't know what happened to it maybe some dirt got in it whatever. But we've had really good luck with ours um we do carry these on our website. There is another one that we have as well. This part number for this one is 900001 so pretty simple, uh the website's thejeepsterman.com but we want to make sure you guys are also following the Epic uh Willies Adventure. They've got the website epicwillysadventure.com You can go to and follow us while we're racing. Like I saying we're on day three but this we're we're going all the way to Saturday. We're usually doing anywhere from 100 to 300 something miles a day. So, thank you guys for watching, we're going to get this thing changed out and hopefully this solves uh Austin's issue with this truck. I hope so too!

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