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EWA: Blown Head Gasket


Hey guys this is John uh, Epic Willlys Advent Adventure. We also have John with us here... he owns a bunch of the Car Quests. We're actually in a Car Quest basement right now. The CJ3B that was JeepsterMan, um the JeepsterMan team- we had a blown head gasket. So we're here they're nice enough, they got us the parts, um they got us the space. We're staying here tonight, we're cooking out. These guys have been nothing but gracious to us and I wasn't even expecting to be able to work in a- in a shop. We got a bay, we got lights, we got tools. Uh we'll just talk about what we're going to do. We've got our Milwaukee tools and such. We got of course she needs a brake parts cleaner cuz we're changing the head gasket out. Getting ready to uh drain the Freeze first and then I'll start disassembling the valve cover, take you know, I got to take the carburetor head off all that that good stuff. Got all my Milwaukee Tools set out, you can, got my Milwaukee radio ready to go. Sure we'll need some of these and we got light. Um so as we do this we'll just kind of shoot some video, show you guys what we're doing and uh hopefully this works out. We're still waiting for the head gasket to get here, but I'm sure it's going to get here. And uh we'll let you guys know how it goes. Okay guys we're back uh we're getting this head disassembled on this. We got the valve cover off um the rocker arm assembly is off. And I just pulled the spark plugs so I got them in order here: number one, number two, number three, number four. We knew that we definitely had coolant in three and what we suspect uh, these three are wet, number one was dry so I know I at least had two cylinders that coolant were getting them but it's quite possible that I have in all three. I can't the lighting in here is not the greatest and I can't really smell any freeze on them but I know it's on there. I know we uh, I know we blew at least between two cylinders, possibly three, but I think it's only two. But that's where we're at. Looking at the spark plugs uh, just got a couple things left here to disconnect on the passenger side of the head and then I'll be pulling the um head bolts off of this thing and we'll lift this head off of here. So we'll be back and when we get the head off here we're going to look at the head gasket and we'll go over that. All right guys uh we're back our parts just showed up from FedEx uh, but Carquest got us these parts it's a Fel Pro gasket. It's for F-head 134. This is what we needed. Um this is supposed to be one that you don't have to retorque, but we're going to retorque this thing after running it. Uh we're going to torque them I think it's between 60 and 70 we look at the book and we're going to run it a little bit and we're going to come back and retorque them again. But, everything looks good I lined it up and such I'm still working on cleaning getting this block cleaned off and I still got to clean the head the rest of the way off but, we're getting there. We also got a valve cover gasket cuz our valve cover gasket was leaking as well, so we'll get all this cleaned up, we'll start the reassembly process, we'll come back when we do it and we'll just talk about what we're doing. What are we doing? Running out of brake- yep running out of brake parts. Almost got the head all cleaned up, got all the gasket scraped off there. Danny did a good job there. We checked the spot uh where the head gasket had blown out which was right in there where Danny was pointing. Looks good we don't see any cracks or anything um, use some Scotch Sprite brake parts cleaner razor blade that's all cleaned up. We just cleaned up the head bolts and you can see I still have some thread sealing on one. This is the one that kept giving me trouble that was leaking, so I want to keep that one identified I'm going to clean that one at the last second. I'm going to thread tape that one again because I I've done these before with uh thread sealer and I've had them still leak... well that one just has given me trouble before and I'm going to go ahead and thread tape that one again just to be on the safe side, and I'll use thread sealer sealing as well. Let's look at the block. Got it all cleaned up the best we could... I mean we're working in this little garage down here at CarQuest, but we're doing a pretty good job, I think, getting this all cleaned up so we're just about ready to put the head gasket on and reassemble. We are going to use Permatex Indian head gasket shellac so, this stuff comes highly recommended so we're going to use that put it on both sides. Put the head on uh, I do have a push rod I got to straighten out real quick too. We don't have a way to get a new push rod so we're just going to have to try to straighten out the push rod that we have. Danny's looking for it there it is. You can see yeah right here it was hitting the head and that's probably cuz we heard a ticking sound. I don't know if you can tell from the video let Bend flat fender, there you go, flat fender. Yeah there you can see it. So we're going to try to get that straightened out. I mean it's not ideal but we got to do what we got got to do to get it back on the road. So we'll be back after we straighten that out um get the head gasket on- get the head on and we'll uh start twerking it down. We're doing it. John's putting it back together we'll be good to go. Nice wrenches. Yeah Milwaukee. We got all our Milwaukee tools out here man. I got my Milwaukee radio going, you want to see it? You got a Milwaukee radio? I sure do. What? Look at this! Playing a little on the Milwaukee radio. You can't beat that at all. All right, go.

Good job John! It just fires right up. Good Job!

Uh oh! That's not good...broke a rod.

No, he's just tapping the....

Terrible! Terrible!

The look on his face was priceless. What!



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