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World War II Bantam BRC40

I'm Adam Buck from Gettysburg Pennsylvania and I'm involved with the World War II American Experience Museum and today we brought down two Jeeps from our collection this one's a 1941 Bantam BRC 40. and it might look different because it is because Bantam developed the Jeep but they couldn't produce enough Jeeps for the war effort that the government decided to give the contract to Willy's and then bring Ford in to produce the gpw and the MB so there's only about 60 I was told good examples of BRC 40s in existence today this one's very original it was actually used by a service station from 1946 to 1972 just to run for parts but it's been fully restored has its original Continental four-cylinder engine quite different than what we're used to seeing in the cj2as 3as MDS I think it might last another two more hours [Music] Bantam used whatever Parts they could get a lot of leftover parts from their car manufacturing they were a smaller company obviously from Butler Pennsylvania you can see the civilian uh instruments they look nice on it yeah and this particular one was built in April of 1941completely different rear end really the only thing that would be recognizable from a standard MBR gpw is the pintle hook on the rear oh yeah all right what's this one there here we have a 1944 Willys MB this one only has 7 000 miles on it never been restored original tires with the synthetic S3 Mark original Goodyear Tires original seats foreign you can see this Jeep I don't think was ever put into service with the military there's not even a dent going across the uh the floor there that's crazy somebody obviously repainted it gray after the war but just an unrestored Survivor and something like this was better left the way it is yeah I agree with you on that one and I'll open the hood never been apart and this came out of long-term storage in New York state so if anybody's ever in the Gettysburg area we have a museum there World War II American experience we have a lot of jeeps trucks tanks uniforms helmets all sorts of stuff related to the second world war and about five unrestored nice original World War II Jeeps like this low mileage original tires some were actually brand new in the crate at the end of World War II and I will say from experience it is a good Museum you're going to use all kinds of good achievements thank you thank you when you walk in right now if you come right now or this coming week you'll see the ban them on display in the lobby along with a Ford GP another pre-standardized Jeep and actually we also have a Volkswagen Kuba Wagon on display and a Japanese version of the Jeep so if you like Jeeps it's the place to come through appreciate it thank you to get a free copy of the Willys and Jeep restoration parts catalog from the Jeepster man go to and order your free copy today

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