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WO Prison Wagon | Mason-Dixon

How you doing... I'm Kenny Layman this is my 49 Willys panel wagon it's station wagon actually was the panel wagon I've converted a lot of things on it um updated the engine to a 316 Stroker motor which is small block Chevy um it's done a little bit of different stuff to it these are small block Chevy push rods here I put in the hood originally there were no holes here just cut it open looks pretty cool when the Hood's down you can see inside plus it lets it run a little cooler and basically got this thing for 100 bucks sandblasted it down to bare metal and redid the frame and put the body back on and it started rusting just from the time I was working on it and let's look inside because this this thing is Tina yeah it's this thing is crazy

side here it was pretty rough when I got it too it was crazy had shag carpet everywhere and I had to redo everything but it's got a cup holders out of 460 Ford for my cup holders connecting rods and uh I had an old night in the basement was just a decoration sat in a box cut that down and made it into the shifter and still got the interior to do somewhat but made it these are bomber seats they look uncomfortable but they're really actually real comfortable I got just My Little My wipers just a manual one one white first manual gets it done now and then the back made it into like a prison wagon

back I got some old handcuffs shackles custom-made shackles and uh we took the glass out of the hatch here so back here I just made it into so it's a prison wagon did some different things I put the seats in made these shackles and got some old handcuffs here

this is a little Gremlin just for looks kind of cool got an old Alcatraz lot

um did a lot of brass work just to decorate it up oh yeah see the toys and then down here I made made had to do something for the bumpers these are basically not real strong but just something this WS for the Willies this W is for the Willies and uh these here are sickle bar teeth off a sickle bar mower just something different there's some different different touches I'm trying to put on and make it more unique

How fast this thing run uh I really don't know yet I still got the old brake system so I don't try to push it too much but I think in a quarter mile to do something like a high 12 second something like that it's definitely cool it's definitely original yeah definitely original it's really fun and never had so much fun with a vehicle that looks good appreciate it yeah no problem to get a free copy of the Willies and Jeep Restoration Parts Catalog from the JeepsterMan go to www.thejeepsterman.com and order your free copy today

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