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Willys Truck at Mecum Auction


All right guys this is John from JeepsterMan here at mecum auction in Chattanooga, TN.

Buy all your Willys and Jeep restoration parts at the jeepsterman.com because we're not just Jeepsters anymore. Call us 314.798.6462 or Sales@thejeepsterman.com To get a free copy of the willys and jeep restoration parts Catalog from the jeepsterman go to www.thejeepsterman.com order your free copy today. All right guys this is john at jeepsterman we're here at the mecum auction of chattanooga taking a look at this 1946 pickup that just sold today i think it sold somewhere in the 30s it really was a pretty good number for this truck um nice truck we'll just do a quick walk around and talk about a few things so you can see this is the earlier grill on this the earlier hood they're a little bit flatter they don't have grill bars that run horizontal and they had the center piece down the hood on these this one is missing one of the pieces for the three-piece bumper but that's not that uncommon uh these are the correct parking lights those they did not have blinkers and somebody added that on there which is pretty common as well just talk about this vehicle some of the parts we make like the parking light and make the four-wheel drive emblems for these and all the rubber gaskets this one here is a split window gasket split windows we see those from 46 to 1960 on the pickup at station wagons my opinion i kind of like the split window more than the one piece

here you can see this one on the interior is fairly original i don't think that that seat is original i think somebody's changed that and those seats are very hard to find but it looks period correct gauges um all that those are correct and steering wheel period correct you could see somebody i do know that earlier trucks had a headliner in them some of these added this is not an original headliner the earlier pickups did have headliners in them this one's not the original one but it does have one this one something i forgot to mention this is the four cylinder it's the flat head the l head for the four cylinder 134 on this four wheel drive t93 speed in this one this one i won't walk all the way around on this one we'll just talk about the bed here real quick the earlier pickup trucks had the steps on them uh i forget exactly which year it was but it's the earlier pickups trucks that had the steps and this one has the full bed on it you see some of these that are the beds rusted away or they couldn't find fenders but this one's got everything and it also has a side mount or tire carrier somebody looks like they stuck with the original 16 inch wheels on this thing which are nice worn lockout hubs really just a nice pickup truck and uh did pretty well today at the auction so you guys got any questions and you're needing parts for your vehicle we can help you with the jeepster man you can call me at nine eight 314-798-6000 four six two you can email me sales at the jeepsterman.com or you can find our website jeepsterman.com thanks

so much

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