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Vintage Don's Willys Pickup

okay my name is don williams they call me vintage don this vehicle is a 1948 willy's four-wheel

her name is willadeen

we have 802 because that's the name of the widow of the first owner from whom i acquired this lovely piece of mechanical art

that's right well it is in her 90's it looks beautiful it does it's a beautiful vision look at with the water on it too because i looked over and i was like oh and that's how you stand by it it's uh it's been 54 years sitting in a field on a ranch in oklahoma stroud oklahoma about middleweight 54 years willa dean's husband parked in 1962. really it's been sitting there since then well i brought it back here four years ago i spent three years of my life making it functional did you really yeah it took me three years it took three years because basically what you see here is patina right yeah the only thing on this vehicle that wasn't broken was the patina every single other thing every nut and bolt has been apart it's been completely down to zero back together but i kept the patina there are places where i had to do a lot of sheet metal work replacement of bed floor cab floor door floor

um and i painted it back to match so that you can't tell that i worked very hard on it well you know i did that picture inside was a raccoon nest there was no inside so i made it new again that's um that's essentially identical to what it looked like in 1948 when it was brand new [Applause] then i'm proud to say that every single item in there works absolutely correctly it's um 100 percent that's radio works the cigarette lighter works the dome light works everything works as god and john north willis intended it it was a lot of fun to make it work it looks so good too funky colors though right 1948 that's good yeah that's what they did that's what they did yeah yeah it looks really good with the cream inside

and you know

it's airtight now because all the glass is new all the weather streams which uh yeah let's see the tailgate this fender was all ripped apart that running board was all ripped apart but i just put it back with the look right that makes it easier doesn't it yeah yeah everything underneath is absolutely brand new i rebuilt the engine transmission transfer case front differential rear differential steering knuckles complete electrical system of course floors anything that was rubber fabric gone you know no science was over there so thank god for walks and uh right there the ability to get virtually any piece of this thing right we found some stuff here there's the coveted willy's overland tailgate highly desirable i know right it's like a skinny blonde that's not married yeah um glass oh the some of the glass was a lot of fun i liked it side got less weather where it sat in oklahoma the side you just walked down which was in the weather right so it's down to like nothing this is still got a whole bunch of the original factory potomac gray on it

[Music] yeah it was a lot of fun a lot of fun to put this together it basically it's completely irrational to spend three years probably 20 000 building the truck that's worth you know nine thousand dollars right but look at it look at it don it's awesome right right this i love it i do when i saw it when i first pulled up i was like oh damn it looks so good yeah yeah not that one it's uh okay boxes this is where the mice were the mice sublet from the raccoons that actually owned the place and the mice sub let live down in the tool boxes there were no floors they had an arrangement they did it was a deal yeah that's good yeah on the glove box we got a heater in there that works of course and sometimes it even opens okay we're going to do the clock right now so if you want to get out of here you can get it as it was

it's impressive all right here it comes oh check out look at look at the clown

oh oh look at the tent oh yeah this is why i parked outside of the tent i was in the tent yesterday it didn't seem wise we'll talk more later yeah

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