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Tyler's EWA Rig: "Black Pearl"

All right, go ahead.

What's your name? Tyler Lowenhagen. Whatcha driving Tyler? 1948 CJ2A yeah call it the black pearl.

it uh originally came from yeah up north wisconsin the guy was going to scrap it he was a scrapper uh cody actually got a hold of the guy who got got a hold of me knowing that i wanted one and i drove up there that night and told the guy i would give him uh five times what uh scrap price was so i picked it up and spent about a year fixing it up rebuilding the engine transmission transfer case what engine we got got a l-134 original

pretty original i made the intake

how's it been running on epic it's been running awesome i haven't had any issues with it um other than the belt delaminated and we threw a different belt on and it's still working so i just left it for now there you go that's why it's an adventure right right that's the whole point what else have you had to do with this uh you can't tell because of the mud but i redid the steel here this is all redone and then i patinaed it so it looks original redid all the channels for the actual tub floor both sides passenger and driver and the rear i was going to build a coffee table and uh the first trip i was going on i needed a tailgate and the tailgate wasn't going to come in time i couldn't find one so i used 1940s coca-cola cooler lid and it snapped right on and i said yep that's it that's stan and then i got two jerry cans for fuel tanks oh that's pretty interesting yeah it says you're feeling tired a lot easier to fill up in there yes it's way easier actually i feel like it gives me a little bit more room how about the interior here i know she got a lawn chair i got a lawn chair that had a ford thunderbird seat in it for god knows what reason and uh i decided to make some mounts for my shotgun oh yeah yeah there it is that's the bear killer right there and then i i honestly the jeep rolled it was a roll over this was all mangled and i strained it back out and these were actually on there and i'm kind of kicking myself in the ass a little bit for not taking the rest of the piece of the cab but so i had these off fixing it and i didn't think it looked right with them off because i seen it with them on for the longest time so i ended up putting them back on it looks cool yeah and then i have a even [Music] horse even for my bumper kind of just straighten it out a little bit can't even tell frame's just a little tweaked but it runs down the road good it runs great yeah this has been one of the funnest rides all right come down interesting how fast you think we got she's quick dude the fastest thing we got down on their site honestly we were flying 65 60 maybe what do you think see there go devil could do 65 yeah 60 65 he actually has a working speedometer

eventually i will cable snapped on me but it cooks it uh definitely down a hill you know inclines take a little bit of time but it runs good right right yeah unless you're a cheater put a straight stick chevy in but i love it i haven't had any problems really

you know Tyler and the black pearl all right knock on wood

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