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Team JeepsterMan 1962 CJ3B

Yeah so I'm stuck in Chattanooga traffic behind a capital waste service truck big ass dump truck and then I thought you know what's really cool so right there now under that blue uh whatever there's two L heads chain driven L heads so that means that they're early ill head go devil engines that's two mb's two gpws man I bet you I'm the only guy on the planet right now with two rebuilt ready to go hearts of the Beast World War II baby


yeah there's gonna be so much to do it's like Nate third or something like that let's see what's going on so it looks like there's a lot to do what is all this stuff it's like an engine in the back

because I like the new tires look at them and some pretty shoes you got another kiddo it's boring disc brakes it's got aluminum radiator 12 volt new carb
I don't know if she's gonna be ready but yeah she's gonna get ready let me get her done look at this view though look at this View uh Jeepster man Festus Missouri get her done
all right so I'm up here just trying to figure out what we're gonna do with the 3B here John I just had to uh push her up the hill with a side by side so this is where we're at John where would you say we're at it it was running great all right uh the thing was running great it's got brand new carburetor on it brand new distributor wires plugs coil um fuel pump is not new but this thing was firing up just fine running just fine then when we got it out to try to move it started running like garbage all right so we are just trying to diagnose this engine while it's not starting so we're we're going to check it for spark so you're just going to look right in here in this Gap looking for spark Jonah you can go ahead and turn it over
good so we have spark so we know like so and I would turn it to like number one where it's supposed to be it's a five o'clock position and realize that I need to turn the tab on the oil pump to this so once we did that and I pushed the distributor in he held the oil pump from the other side and we got the two to clock together um the keyway locked together then we went ahead and put a bolt in the oil pump got that tightened up secured the distributor down and when you know it as soon as we fire this thing up it fired right up um so we just want to talk about that problem whoever put this engine together put that oil pump 180 out um you know you expect that most of these engine rebuilders are going to do these properly but if you run into the problem like we did and we knew it was 180 out that's how we solved it that's how we fixed it it really wasn't that difficult to do um it is nice if you have two people to do it but we just wanted to point this out because we've heard of this problem other people having this problem they call that static timing we learned this off the CG cj3b info site but it's really look at that ass what's up and you want to walk into the 3B here let's take her out yeah we're all getting ready for the Olympic Willis Adventure we got it all cleaned up greased up gonna do the brake lines and I know like some of you guys are gonna be like oh my God look at that but yeah those are disc brakes yeah we're gonna stop when we need to stop when we're jumping over like the Dukes of Hazzard we're gonna make it right [Applause] look at that doesn't really good doesn't that look good hey Phil there's the the winning Jeep right there man just you know just so you know place your bets okay like John and I've been working on this thing for like two and a half days straight now we've put

a lot of energy into it it was 180 off so we had to change the not change it but turn the well pump over and take distributor out thanks to Bob Christie and Scott Gilbert for that you guys helped us out a lot on that one uh just kind of get you a little little look-see put the uh these seats in here we've got our painted bed it's just a bunch of junk we just did the pinion seal and everything else bled the brakes so now we're gonna I'm gonna take her out in like for a spin and make sure she's good hopefully she'll start oh I'm doing test drive we just put the transmission cover back on still feel like she's popping out a second okay A little bit of a leak right there
looks like the one we have is right there but I know that's fine that's from the Red Bull so about ready oh you guys wait until you see this John and I have been working our butts off to get the other 3B Oprah's 246 going check her out look at this thing I am big Willy seats oh it's gonna be Squishy look at that extra tank it's a poly tank too put the new seal we got glass I like these right so we can get so much more power into our tornado or the hurricane check her out look at that tell me that's not a bad Jeep all right I don't know about the top right now John's over here doing though passenger seat so we had to cut it we're going to switch the brackets and then flip the back part over and stick it right here
all right then we're gonna hook both the tanks together so we'll have what 20 gallons of fuel 10 miles a gallon that's like 200 200 miles it's one whole day a race I wonder if anyone else is gonna do that don't matter because we are because we're gonna win epic Willies Adventure Race for the Concord Cup this is what we're running so we got our it'll hit or excuse me L head I'm all go deviled up right now but this is a 4134 F head it's a four-cylinder Beast the hurricane yeah got a new aluminum radiator check it out so we're gonna stay cool got this huge braided line I don't think we're gonna get vapor lock with that because I think that's a thing right on these long voyages of Willys epicness
if it's gonna help a spacer heck yeah oh there's John over there again
where's that Hoosier
look at that beautiful piece of Machinery coming out the Epic demise right there you know some fancy louvers right there that's our tornado getting let loose
you mean is that is that where I sit in the ghettos yeah you know fabulous
oh thanks man it's gonna be so happy you guys are so happy yeah to get a free copy of the Willys and cheap restoration parts catalog from the JeepsterMan go to and order your free copy today

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