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Tanner Martin's Diesel M38

 I try to do the jeep hunters one but it doesn't work out that.

...Way knees first and I sneeze away I'm not going to sneeze. maybe i'll just wait until you start talking, then I'm gonna sneeze. All right, go ahead. all right well i guess we're good yeah good all right. So what's up? What's up?

So what's your name?

Oh my name's Tanner Martin.

Where are we looking at? What's jeep do we have here?

Uh this is a 1952 uh willy's m38. I uh picked it up not too long ago from an older guy that was doing a restoration, and I decided to put my own spin on it.

So what's the spin right here?

So V2203 Kubota. This came out of a trans-cold carrier unit um on the back of a semi truck that would keep the, you know, I guess everything refrigerated. Um I picked up two carrier units decent price, yanked the motor out of it, sold the scrap and uh, a guy out of Canada: Overland Diesel Greg at Overland Diesel sells a kit. Kind of plug and play with some with some loops to be thrown. It's uh...

So what is it? Like how many horsepower and all that kind of stuff with the diesel engine in it?

So it's, it's supposed to be 68 horsepower factory, um. After the turbo I've heard figures of 150 horsepower 300 pounds of torque. That's with like the injection pump tuning, but you can do this all- it's all manual you know, like you have your throttle stop and you- you know you can adjust everything manually um, but, so 150 horsepower 300 torque is what I've heard. I can already tell it's far torquier than my L134 was last year. Um, the gearing is going to be my my downfall but that's what we have our overdrives for... and tall tires. Hopefully. Um yeah so I mean long service life basically you do a Kubota as a diesel swap or you do a Volkswagen. My lack of wiring, I guess my lack of liking wiring is what made me go Kubota so you can see I have what?... six wires- five wires and, in reality these two are not needed. you know the blue and yellow that's for the fuel shutoff solenoid which you can do manually um, and really all you need is a wire for your glow plugs and a wire for your starter.


Yeah so pretty simple swap and it fit I mean, I don't know if you guys can see that clearance on that camera but that's uh, some clearance. Yeah, m38.

Don't even have to cut through the tube. Wouldn't even know the difference!

Wouldn't even know the difference. 

Um but yeah so it should be a good swap you guys want to hear her on?

Yeah let's get this thing on here. It's not even it's not as shaky either.

Wow dude that's, that's cool, that's cool.

Should be, Should be fun. I gotta hook up the tachometer and the warning light indicator and uh, you know.

And you run the same running gear and everything like that?

Yeah, yes factory uh T90, factory 1018, factory front/rear axles, factory drive shaft lengths. Um in reality Greg's kit is so well thought out you just take your transmission transfer case, bolt it into the factory position with it bolted up to the adapter, put a six degree tilt on the motor, mold in your motor mounts. It's pretty pretty simple, so yeah it's uh it seems a good swap. I mean so far I'm happy especially the rising prices of rebuilding these L heads you know.

So yeah that's pretty awesome.

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