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Ross's CJV35U

Hi, I'm Ross Burnham.. Northeast Ohio here at the Willy's reunion 2022. Here I've got the CJV35U. It's been in our family since 1964. Came out of northern California, was from the department of forestry and agriculture. My uncle had it, and i grew up with this jeep from the age of three until now. I've had it since 1990 and have been working on it seriously for the last four or five years. The CJV35U is a little unique; It's a CJ-3A that was modified for the Marine Corps. The contract was for a thousand of them to be made and one of the unique specifications was it was to be driven under water- under 54 inches of water- for 30 minutes, stopped and then started again. It was manufactured as a radio jeep; It was a four position radio Jeep.

As such, part of the componentry was the air intake through the snorkel, through the oil bath air cleaner, crossover tube, and into the carburetor. That carburetor is not the correct carburetor. That is a WO carburetor, and that fuel pump is also not the correct fuel pump but we're working on that to get better every year. When this was going to go under water, and go on the shore there would be a t-handle on the front firewall that would be pulled, and basically we take this valve here and this valve here and create positive pressure in the crank crank case that would prevent water from going getting sucked into the system. Uh, there were a lot of tubes that were- that went to the ignition coil, that went to the gas tank, that went to the master cylinder. It all went back to the air intake so that you have fresh positive air coming into the system. A lot of it is original but uh some of the parts pieces um I find it at shows like this and so working with folks like Bob Westerman and uh Rick for the carburetors is a lot of help. And that's that's a great reason why I come here every year. It's my fifth year coming uh, been working on this, again, for like the last five years. The first thing was to get it safe- changing out all the brake lines and such, and then I found a swatch that showed me that this was the color that the marine corps had it back in the 1950s. We're doing some work on the hood taking some 400 grit sandpaper and getting through the layers of paint you can see the USMC United States Marine Corps, and the number here 162961. And over here on the steering column I'll show you something the steering column has a metal plate that was stamped and it's the same number that was on the hood it also has the radio set mrc19B, that goes in the back. So the radio would have been in the back, and you can see the exhaust pipe there, and then also the AB15 antenna. And this is a three-masted antenna that uh, goes when I tear down- goes into the bag that's on the on the front fire. So it's uh, it's coming back to life slowly and surely uh, but it's been a great project to work on um, and being that it's a CJ3A base, a lot of the parts pieces are easily found on the internet. There are a lot of good companies that are servicing folks like us that are working on this stuff. So if you're interested in restoring a jeep I would highly suggest doing that and a lot of good people to ask questions and learn learn about it. Thanks for your time today.


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