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RJ's Jeepster Commando

This is one third of my Jeepster I bought it I'll take this off my buddy Tony and Sean bought this with me it's pretty cool um the magic is here under the hood but these buick hood vents are a towel for it that is a four barrel buick 340 v8 the original wrap around it's hooked to a t-400 transmission dana 20 44 rear power lock uh ptl winch that's fallen off the front of it holes all over the place it's got some pin striping that it used to have oh yeah i know those pins are right here yeah if you come around to here behind this nice vent you can kind of see the outline of some skyline jeep club stickers oh yeah that's an old jeep club from salt lake used to have a winter jeep rally that was pretty cool it's nice i like the red interior the red interior just sets off the white they're really good it cruises it sounds good it runs good it's a blast to drive all right it's cool i like it it's a fun one we just got it just got on the road oh this week nice pulled it out of the field you literally pulled out the field how's it running last week that's 96. no we pulled out a field last year they're pretty close well you know deepsea man sells a lot of good parts especially yes sir most ordered stuff already from nashville oh good because we're expanding too we're gonna take it out of just the jeepsters and move into the cj's and the willies and get the trucks and wagons right all that stuff so yeah you have wagon springs now don't you i believe we do well it's great it's nice of commando to get a free copy of the willys and jeep restoration parts catalog from the jeepsterman go to www.thejeepsterman.com and order your free copy today 

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