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Rare SC1 Jeepster Commando

Hi this is mark from just jeepsters and www.thejeepsterman.com today i have the pleasure of introducing a really rare unique and uh awesome vehicle and this is called an sc1 so an sc1 really is a vehicle they built jeepster commando the last of this particular uh front end style the nostalgic jeep looking front end but they made about 500 sc1 so the se1 is really highlighted by its color its orange color actually it's a a butterscotch color and it's black sc1 stripe which you can see going down the side of it um this one has some great uh modifications as well as a restoration the restorations about uh seven years ago it's had a few touch-ups here recently from us but basically everything is new the paint the chrome just done a fantastic job the stripe is all real nice on here looks very clean and as you can see as you look along the side of the body this is the original white hard top with a luggage rack and a lot of the sc-1s had a lot of options on them like that not uncommon to see the luggage rack a lot of times they came with a 225 b6 and an automatic behind it even though i've seen some with a stick but for the most part they come with an automatic behind it this one has front disc brakes and it also has a four inch just jeepsters lift and you're looking at 33 inch tires on a 17 inch rim now the 17 inch rim is really nice because if you buy especially an aftermarket rim it's going to clear calipers without using wheel spacers so really kind of a nice rim that we've been using a lot of here lately and you look right here you see the logo the insignia of sc1 on it and that kind of identifies this vehicle so one of 500 or so that were made take a look at the interior you can see this one was equipped with factory air conditioning even though it's non-working but it could be put back pretty easy from vintage air and it's got a console shift in it this interior this ugandan type stripe is really a nice beautiful interior um it's pretty much the exact that would have came in this vehicle even though this is new but it's the exact pattern that would have came and you can see it's still got the original jeep radio all the gauges everything are intact really a very original vehicle uh you look at the door panels they also say sc1 on them so these are some additions that were done but really a very nice lettering there to highlight the specifics of the sc1 we'll close this door and we'll walk around a little bit to the back here you can see a couple other neat modifications and one is this spare tire carrier and this particular spare tire carrier actually sits inside the original bumper so you still get the look of that nice chrome bumper that came on the jeepster commando really a nice setup and again you know the fifth wheel there's your mickey thompson 33 inch tire on a 17 inch rim as we walk around to the other side here you just kind of get it striking view when you look at it and that butterscotch orange and that black really flash real nice and the white hard top gives it some good accent you can see the chrome on the luggage rack on top kind of helps highlight the chrome wheels as well so this is a vehicle that's going to also be on the auction block you'll see this one across the block should be october uh 15 16 somewhere in there uh down in tennessee chattanooga mecum auction if you want any more information about this vehicle you can contact the jeepster man or just jeepsters check us out on our website you can also find we'll have this youtube video out there and some links from our facebook pages as well thank you

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