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1960 Willys Overland Truck


Spring Willys Reunion Willys Truck built by Ralph Ruppert.

buy all your willys and jeep restoration parts at the jeepsterman.com because we're not just jeepsters anymore ralph rupert uh i'm from michigan and this is a 1960 willy's pickup i found this one at a at an estate auction it took me two years to build it uh it's got the the six 226 hurricane in it this standard engine

i think they call it 105 horse

i took this out cleaned it up put a head gasket on it painted it put it back in i'm running it originally it only had about 50 000 miles on it wow run smooth

how fast this truck run i got overdrive on it and it'll run 70. uh it likes like 55 60 mile an hour it's real comfortable but if you need to you can go 70 with it but only with the overdrive [Applause] we've got pretty much a standard interior oh and you're in this right yes holy toledo calendar and uh this september oh this is uh right there

yep so if you want any details you can look up a holy toledo calendar it's in there i like the interior did you do all that yourself i had an interior guy do it but what we did is we covered all of the cardboard with the vinyl the same vinyl we used on the seat to make it all uniform but yeah that's a the original color was very close it was a gray interior

it looks sharp this one here we actually took the trim um this off from a 1961 uh just so we could two-tone it oh okay oh that's originally a solid color and we we put that trim on there and then we used the same two toning that you'd have on a 61. it looks sharp and your tailgate looks really good too tailgate i i used the standard tailgate and the guy that did my painting is kind of an artist and he wanted to put skulls and crossbones and [Music] graveyard scenes and i said well i'll give you the liberty to do this with it so he did change the four-wheel drive dressed it up a little bit he put a wo on the other side but of course this is this is the stock jeep that you have on the back and then we put a a bumper off from a station wagon with the willies embossed in it and so that gives us you know something more of a hot rod look than uh if we more than an industrial feeling yeah this had a big uh diamond plate bumper going around it the farm look and we wanted something a little dressier it's definitely snazzier i saw one earlier that had the willies that was that was you could turn on at night yeah and it blew red the whatever the juicer was over there that would be cool yeah it was pretty it was pretty neat and we went to a 750 16 bf goodrich tire they're making a 750r 16 now we like it it fits right in there it's a nice uh it's a skinny tire and yet it's a nice tall tire to give us some speed

so is this your last your last truck you're doing because i know you're renowned for taking making these trucks like brand new right yeah i've uh i've been at this about 11 12 years and uh it takes two years to build one and then it takes a year to forget and then you give up you forget about all the hassles you went through and getting things done so i uh i take a year off and then usually i'll find an orphan beside the road and then we start all over but i just enjoy i enjoy building them as much as driving well it looks really good it looks really good cool thanks okay thank you

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