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PRSU46: Memorial Jeep

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman. Um, something we want to talk about we- team Jeepsterman here we we built a CJ3B but we didn't just build a CJ3B, but we built a memorial vehicle. Um so we built this Memorial vehicle in remembrance of some guys that I served with in Afghanistan. Um so the call sign for this, for- for our Jeep is PRSU46. Um, I was in Afghanistan 2013 and '14 flying planes we flew for, it was called "Taskforce Odin". Um January 10th 2014 we had uh CW3 Andrew McAdams then we had Sergeant Drew Scobie then we had a civilian Chris Noble all flying a King Air a marsbird into uh Bagram and they crashed um about a mile and a half just outside of Bagram. Killed all three on board, you know, we were all in the same unit uh, all friends. Really a tragic event they all had families um they were all married and um two of them had had kids, but all three were were great to serve with, great people so I've always thought about them and always think what, you know, we can do to honor them and- and memorial memorialize them. Um, so when it- it came time to build a Jeep, we did. And I always wanted to do one in remembrance of them so I asked Jonah, whose Jeep this is, if we could call it PRSU46, which was their call sign... that was their tail number to the aircraft that crashed um, so we get asked sometimes like, "Hey why is the name PRSU46?", well it's all about remembering those that that died for our country so we have our freedom. And those three individuals gave their freedom up so we could be here doing stuff like this and riding around in Jeeps. So the least I can do is honor them and their families and name something after them so, we just wanted to take a moment and share that with everybody that that watches this, and we'll also send this to the families um to the McAdams and Scobie and uh Noble's wife as well. So we thank you guys for following this and we ask that you just remember what your your soldiers and your troops do for this country and some of the sacrifices.

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