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Russ Lawton's 62 Willys Wagon


Hi Russ Lawton yep I've got a 62 Willy's wagon it's had some updates Joe Buddenkoff put in a 350 V8 with a 700 R4 and 300 Dana transfer case
We've driven it back out to the east coast two or three times now you're from Indiana right Illinois Illinois okay Illinois just over the line in Illinois you were starting a couple years ago weren't you they've done some things too yep yep the airplane originally put it together to start putting it together for a trip to Newfoundland and uh had a Family Medical Emergency and we couldn't go so we've just kind of been coming back out east once in a while doing a little trips here and there with it got the little camper that kind of kind of matches kind of goes along with it and let's walk over here because it does look really good yep you got the you definitely got the good setup here is this your how many times you've been to the Mason-Dixon uh this is the third year within 20 18 2020 and then this year great little show yeah a lot of a lot of good Jeeps down is this a custom top you got on here it is uh I can't think of the manufacturer now it's one I purchased I never have time to make anything for myself so I bought that with the awning added the awning on through the spare up there so we're gonna room for more stuff up there yeah you got definitely got a setup let's look at your camper here okay I had to add a perch for the dogs to ride up there oh right yeah she likes to collect antiques so I made her more room to buy stuff along the way yeah that's what you got to do it but yep yeah that's a it's a 2017 how much does this thing weigh uh I think it's only like 1800 pounds 1500 pounds it's just a bed with a little bit of storage oh my gosh you sitting there comfortably oh yeah queen size bed what yep queen size bed so is this all like cooking and stuff yep I just uh made I made the Box when we're boondocking I can keep a generator in the other side [Applause] are really going on a trip I've got a 110 welder I can put in there because it seems like when we did the Alaska rest trip the welder was needed so all right yeah I don't think we use a lot of bailing wires so there's that looks good it's a good setup thank you it's a lot of fun appreciate it to get a free copy of the Willies and Jeep Restoration Parts Catalog from the Jeepster man go to and order your free copy today

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