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1970 1/2' Jeepster Commando

Hello and welcome to the JeepsterMan shop uh this is our middle bay main bay where we get jeeps uh ready for sale and i'm gonna talk a little bit about this one here this happens to be a 1970 and a half uh why do i say 70 and a half is because in 70 and a half they added some things that are very valuable one of those are what we call saginaw steering so saginaw steering actually allows this vehicle to be equipped with power steering this particular jeep does not have power but it does have a saginaw gearbox the saginaw gearbox it's modernization it steers from the frame rails so it's just a better steering system than the old outdated style which is a ross most 67 through early 70 have a raw steering but again this is a 70 and a half and that's the big line of demarcation is the fact that it has the saginaw capabilities so if you look at this jeep um very typical of a 70 and a half it's it's really original um it has somewhere around 45 000 miles on it we bought this jeep locally you can see it's got the 225 b6 it still maintains the oil bath air breather which some of these in 70 and a half some of them actually have a paper element this particular one does not but it really maintained all of its characteristic nothing really done under this hood to change a whole lot but i do want to talk about one upgrade in particular is something we just came out with and that is um this clutch which is hydraulic and it operates um just like off the same foot pedal of the same type of linkage except everything is pushed through this hydraulic cylinder really simple really easy to use and makes it a lot more fun a lot more easy to shift we also move the seat back a little bit if you've ever drove a jeepster with a stick sometimes your knees are banging up on the bottom of the dashboard when you're shifting so we upgraded all of that and you can also tell we're going to look at the side of the jeep here a little bit now we have the doors open and we're getting ready to put the top on but just alone you can see this jeep's got some big nice wheels and tires on it that's because it has our four inch lift along with front disc brakes and rear disc brakes so these again are really good upgrades they give you a lot of stability and plus when you're putting your brakes on and you're driving one of these you really want to be able to stop good unfortunately the jeepster commando all the way up through 71 had a 10 inch brake so when you upgrade to disc especially on the front you give yourself more stopping power and you also give yourself some more even stopping power because disc brakes will stop more evenly than drum brakes will so those are upgraded our newest kit is in the rear so the rear does have uh disc brakes as well like i say if you don't upgrade your rear it's not as bad i mean upgrading the front to disc is really important this is kind of an added plus and we did that for this customer to have disc brakes on the rear so now you have four wheel disc brakes and we do offer all of them along with the four inch lip kit and then you can see if you look at this body um it's really clean it's not painted it's had a little bit of touch-up done to it but it's very original and there's a there's a pretty good market for these kind of vehicles i know you see a lot of them out there they're really flashy shiny restored there's a great market for them but there's also if you have something like this that's kind of untouched it's going to have its blemishes it might have a little bit of rust on it here and there but we have a lot of customers that really want this type of jeep because it's just very original so really good jeep and you can see as we look through the interior back here that you have the rounded this is another question we get a lot the seats are rounded we call that a rounded shoulder seat there's also a square shoulder seat that you could have and those interiors are different they take a different interior cover we sell them as well but this is the classic rounded version as you can see on the tops of the suits so looking on the driver's side here another thing that really tells you this is a 70 and a half is having these marker lights here and i've seen these on a lot of 70s so some of the things that i might call 70 and a half could even be on an early 70s but you're only generally going to see these on a 70 the rest of them that marker light is down here and it's a different type of marker and moving up here to the interior you can see where uh we have upgraded these seats they're again round shoulder seats to match the back and we also have moved the seat back and give you a lot of seat room there the three speed in this one is what's called a t-14 which is another upgrade that started happening around the year 1969. a t-14 is a much better three-speed transmission before that they used to put a t-86 in them and a t-86 most of time was unsynchronized first gear and they just weren't very strong so as time went on they went to the t14 a much better one so this right now we're getting ready to put the top on the trailer sitting outside we're going to load this on a trailer we're going to take it to a very anticipating customer who is local right here who have is a is a collector and again this is a really good collector piece very original very nice um but you can you can see some of the vehicles that we're working on some are restored somewhere like this but we're uh planning on bringing quite a few vehicles over the next few months over the next year actually you'll see at the mecum auctions there's one in dallas we plan on having a couple jeeps in that and there's one in chicago we plan on having a couple so if you're interested in buying a really classic vehicle then in my mind out competes the bronco hands down just a great jeep with a great brand behind or a great brand jeep family behind it the jeepster commando and the jeep command it was something to think about thank you.
Mark Vilbert from Just Jeepsters walks us around this sweet 1970 & half Jeepster Commando and explains the why it's special. If you have any questions call 314.798.6462 or email sales@thejeepsterman.com. 

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