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1972 Jeep Commando Overview



Hi this is mark from the JeepsterMan uh as you can see they get us mixed up which one's the dad which one's the song that says father on it that's me the dad mark john is helping out with the video but i want to talk today about um the jeep commando so this is a 1972 jeep commando no it's not a bronco no it's not an international and definitely not a volkswagen thing but i would say this is a direct competed competitor to the broncos which have risen in value here lately but if you're really looking for something that looks like a bronco but isn't a bronco it's a jeep good deep brand and definitely a great vehicle we're just going to talk about it you can see this front end design they call it a bull nose they call it that because they flattened it out in 1972 which gives it a little bit more of that bronco look and that's why you get a lot of mix up on it and this particular vehicle here is a v8 304 amc motor this was the first year they put that amc motor in there pretty good motor uh has a lot of torque this one is built up a little bit so this is a high performance 304 that we did support to you can see the commando badge here all these badges been blacked out this is kind of our midnight edition that we put on this vehicle the paint is done in a 2020 cinnamon stick uh this is a color that you would see on a dodge challenger so some pretty cool looking paint you can see the wheels and the tires here and this lift just a massive appearance to this vehicle because it has one of our lifts it has 35 inch tires on it but it's on a 15 inch rim also has front disc brakes which is something that we do quite a bit to all of our vehicles to make them stop we also do some lining to these fields you can see this top has been lined as well as the inside has been lined so it really makes it durable where you can take it out get sand water in it and wash it right out really makes it durable it also has one of our replacement dash pad covers on it so really done well nice jeep and let's walk our way around to the back here and as you look at the back you can see um another just really unique feature to this is a slanted forward back this is on all jeepster commandos 67 through 71 and they continued that on the jeep commando and the 72 and 73 so that slanted back is kind of a signature of a commando type vehicle they all can be slanted cj's going to be straight up and down we come around a little bit further and you can see on the inside here on the driver's side that we have some really nice seats here we also have a roll bar this top comes off pretty easy to remove they're somewhat light they're metal they're not fiberglass but they do come off and they give you the opportunity to ride with the top down which is a really different vehicle with the top off you can see that in some of our pictures that we have posted on our website thejeepsterman.com is along with our youtube and facebook pages so over here we're going to take a look under this hood it's been done correctly and really spent some time on detailing it making it look good so 72 73 both have this similar front end it's stretched out a little bit to allow for this v8 and they also put a straight six-cylinder a 232 r258 but the real high prize was this 304 v8 this one has power steering it is also upgraded with power brakes and as i mentioned before it has front disc brakes on it so if you're interested in this vehicle this one is actually getting ready for the auction uh that's the mecum auction in uh chattanooga tennessee which is gonna run october i think it's 15th 16th 17th so you can look for this vehicle to cross the stage there if you want any more information on it you can check us out at www.thejeepsterman.com thank you

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