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M38A1 at Mecum Auction TN

Hey guys it's John at jeepsterman so we just had to talk about this vehicle i myself am a vet so i saw this army m38a1 that just went across the floor at mecum here at chattanooga didn't sell but really cool m38a1 1953. um so this vehicle here has the four cylinder in it f head something cool that we saw on this one that i learned the star is actually pointed forward for your direction of travel so they could see overhead which i thought was pretty cool this one we checked under the hood still has the 24 volt system intact in it this one had a siren we saw that was added to it you can see this m38 one was an earlier one that had the hinges so this whole front clip could like pull forward so they can work on really easily you can see these military grilles with the recessed headlights the blackout kit on it as well um split window on this one it's got two windshield wipers this one was restored down in florida at a navy seal museum is what we read about this correct color on it and the interior as well this one has the rare rear seat in this m38a1 you can still see all the period correct gauges looks like everything's intact on this one still has all the military um all of the plates on it knight e plates and such

something to point out about these wheels these are the military wheels and one way you know that is to just look for this hole right here on the wheel that's how you can tell that's one of the military wheels the military vehicles also have the big mouth gas cap on them so the civilian versions and stuff will have a small mouth cap on them so [Music] you can see they kept this one they tried to keep this pretty pretty original really a nice m38

so we just wanted to show you that and the other cool thing is under here is actually where the batteries are at this one for this 24 volt system but um you know jeeps for man we support our vets obviously we like our military vehicles as well veteran-owned company we wanted to show you this one got any questions you can reach out to us sales at thejeepsterman.com or you can call me 314-798-6462 thanks [Music] if you're doing a willys or jeep restoration and looking for parts we do have a brand new willy's end jeep restoration parts catalog from the jeepster man in the catalog you're going to find cj2a 3a3b cj5678 and of course the willys overland truck station wagon jeepster and commando parts inside this catalog you're going to find exclusive parts only made by the jeepster man right here in the us of a and if you'd like your free copy go to www.thejeepsterman.com and get your free copy today

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