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"The best car I've ever owned"

buy all your willys and jeep restoration parts at the jeepsterman.com because we're not just jeepsters anymore hi i'm i'm john and this is my 1949 willy's jeepster and i've had it for about three years now and kind of got into it in a backhanded way i had a friend who was into jeepsters and i was asking him about putting together a package of tin and whatnot and then i'd kind of build up a uh

mongrel type project but on the internet this popped up it was an estate sale and this gentleman's brother passed away he was the owner and it's a california car this is extremely clean when you get underneath and you have the car on a lift you can actually still see all the spot wells right on the rocker panels and whatnot uh but as all the woolies people know the uh original four-cylinder go devil engine in the highway condition wasn't an optimal situation

so somewhere as far as i could tell kind of looking at the archaeology of the parts that were used that's a 1958 chevrolet blue flame six out of an impala and that came with a three-speed manual and uh evidently they did what i call one of the first resto mod projects uh in american history but the um the only part that really got hacked up a little bit is the firewall here and the floor pan but um anyway uh the blue flame six is a whole lot better than the uh uh go devil 4. oh yeah yeah like wrong by

and if you look in the interior there you can see the gear shift

from the one or t5 transmission

out of an s10 yep these are smart the seats look really nice they're really good yeah the seats in the interior uh were part of the car when i got it and then i uh working with the aftermarket i got the uh the steering wheel and the horn button and horn and all that steering paraphernalia and i'm going to keep the car like this for a while so i rebuilt the raw steering box and i put one of those tight steer things on and now we've only got a quarter turn locked [Laughter] going down the highway but uh that's the uh

the nature of the of the beast but anyway um the reason why this is the best car i've ever owned is i'm using it every day and i can go anywhere we can take road trips and uh

what i have at home

and if you come in then enough you can see that but i bought a set of mandrel bed frame rails then match mimic the original equipment from an outfit called throttle down so what we're going to do is build the chassis while i'm using this every day and eventually we'll have a chassis with axles and transfer cases uh all that and uh radiators and intercoolers and whatnot but um let me highlight that we'll have that ready to go and it will be a full operational chassis and when i get to that point uh i'm gonna turn the project over to phil and he'll do the body swap and do the body work it's a nice Jeepster yeah thank you matter of fact it might go a little faster if he finishes the rv i'll just turn the project over to him i'm i'm retired now and

it's been fun just collecting the parts and pieces for this i have the frame rail i also have the cummins r 2.8 diesel ready to go and this just came out in the aftermarket now uh really solved the big dilemma but i'll use the allison uh transmission with this and i believe on the in the kit it's now a six speed they've upped it one speed from the five speed that i'm familiar with so six speed is nice i drive a six speed what was that i drive a six speed yep that's what jeep is so it's a nice jeep yeah it's good looking sure thank you

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