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John Rinne's early CJ2A

John Rinne this is a 1946 CJ2A I did the entire restoration with a lot of help from people on the internet to get everything correct this is uh my son and i started this uh in 2018 and he was killed a week after we pulled the engine so that's how this jeep came to being i spent an entire year on it uh my wife says 3 000 hours and i went through every nut and bolt and i mean even rebuilt the horn and got it as close to what it would have been the day it came out of the factory and uh learned a lot and uh learned how to take apart bolts that been in stuff with nuts on them for 70 plus years and a lot of patience and a lot of time and uh it runs very well i do drive this jeep and um it's uh pretty cool oh yeah show me around the sides of it stuff and this is uh the inside i even have horse hair this all has original springs and uh this all actually has horsehair fabric on the springs to be as close to the way it was when it was made and vacuum wipe wiper motor found a guy last year that seemed that i needed a rear view mirror for the jeep here at uh reunion and he sent it to me with no charge which are very hard to find and um so there's a lot of people who have good passion for this stuff and they see something being built and they want to help out and get it as correct as possible so i've made a lot of good friends along the way and the pto this came from the reunion last year a guy had it here and he uh walked up to me and said this would look great on your jeep and it was a ball of grease and you couldn't even hardly make it out uh drive shaft and everything so that i completely rebuilt all new seals uh went through everything and all new gaskets and rebuilt the drive shaft and it runs and it doesn't even leak oil so that was a cool added feature to it and but i even uh uh you know did all the painting a friend of mine in my garage and uh it's a harvest tan with sunset red rims uh close to original spec color as you could get and uh so it's a great project and i just bought an entire on new collection um i couldn't pass up uh from a guy who's well known in the cj world and uh so i have number 21 uh to do and i have a compressor jeep i'm working on now and uh they're all column shifts uh very early and uh so they're going to be brought back to what they should be from uh the uh for hit to preserve history and that's what i like i like old things and it's cool to take something old and turn it back into something usable and uh salvage it but that's the story of this 46 cj 2a

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