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Jeep Hunters' EWA CJ3B Rig

Hi my name is Jonah with Jeep Hunters. This is my 1962 CJ3B it has the 4-134 F- head engine in it. Currently it doesn't have a distributor or a carburetor; this is a Solex carburetor but I went ahead and got a YF carb to rebuild from the Jeepster man. It looks great so we'll install on that. We're going to install an NLS distributor in here, new plug wires, plugs... the belts are brand new. This is a brand new- or completely rebuilt generator and starter, so those should be good. The engine has less than 20 miles on it. It is leaking back there in that back head bolt. Put the battery in, hopefully everything will run correctly. The timing was off or something when I started this back up. It's been sitting for six years- this is a frame off restoration. I went up to North Carolina, picked this Jeep up, cleaned it all up, rebuilt the entire thing; it's all new except for the transmission and the transfer case, those have not been rebuilt. I apparently put it back together faster than I thought and I look in there and it was gross wasn't it? She wouldn't go in a second and third... pretty nasty yeah... so I'm gonna walk around and I'll show you: So I took the transmission cover off the T90 here and inside of it, it was just black gooey mud. Cleaned that whole thing out so now we've got to get this set up for an epic rig. I need seats. I'm gonna need some kind of racks or something for our camping; all the camping and tools and everything has to go in here so I gotta build that.

Ten days worth of stuff in this thing-

Yeah! for two people. John and I are going to be in here driving 2,000 miles, so we're gonna go on a bunch of courses... go off-roading and stuff.

Where are you starting?


Where are you starting?

Uh we're gonna start at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler Pennsylvania. It's a huge 600 acre Park; they've got their other Park a little little ways away they... killed, killed Roy? or Killjoy?

I hope it's not Killjoy [Laughter]

No it's on their website go check out the Bantam Jeep Heritage official website and uh that's one of the trails that we're gonna run, and that's where we're actually going to end is at that site, so we're gonna be taking off on Sunday morning that's the 12th I guess, or 11th? 9th to the 11th is the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival- June 9 through 11- 2023 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival- Butler PA. Okay uh, where was I? Also... what was I talking about?

You were talking about: you're going on this epic journey.

I was talking about the Jeep.

You were also talking about the Jeep, that's what we're here for.

So this is a Willy's tailgate, as you can see, because that's a Willys... it's a beautiful thing! Yeah, so this Jeep has been sitting uh since 2016. It was literally outside in the muck the rain outside the barn it was not-

It was pretty bad! there was a three years worth of leaves and yeah.

It was gross so we all cleaned it up got it all nice and cleaned out. We got it started... it started right up... it started right up like it was no problem to get started. I had more problems with CJ5 than I've had starting this one, but I messed around and killed the distributor somehow so we gotta put a new one in there, yeah. Yeah, and now it's... I don't know, um, I may need help guys I'm not gonna lie... I may need help to get this thing going, but I need to make it more "epic" this is not "epic" enough I want more rust I want more- I'm gonna add wood I think. I'm gonna put glass in here, I think that's a good idea to definitely. Gauges, I gotta hook up. This is new; it looks crusty it's been sitting there for five years six years, uh, so I need to clean all the brake lines I... we didn't we adjusted them we bled them and they seemed clean so we'll see what happens when we get started running around, but everything else the oils and cooling everything seems good.
It's good. It's good! One problem I did have is this seam right here has a hole in it so it was like- the plugs were full of water. I mean it was pretty bad there for a second! we almost lost her but yeah, I'm gonna get all that going- get it uh a little electric.

Do some "Jeep-P-R", yeah.

Did you just say "Jeep-P-R"?

Like CPR. "Jeep-P-R"...

I like that, I get it it's good it's good. So, I don't know, but this is my my 3B.

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