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Lubbock's Jeepster Commando

Dude this thing it's like the most reliable thing I own it always starts it always goes and I know every time I say it I'm going to jinx it at one point it's got an even fire 3.8 liter buick in it for this t-14 dana 20. i mean it's you know 410 somebody swapped the axles or years years ago but it's got a painless chassis harness in it i pulled it out of a field and been sitting for like 13 to 15 years oh wow and rebuilt the carburetor of course put a new fuel tank in it and a battery and it fired right up and we did a 700 mile not as impressive as epic willis eventually we do a border of order every year in the fall for veterans and wounded warriors idaho in the north to arizona in the south through the west desert in utah 700 miles flawless wow so that was it it's just it's the ultimate the only thing i don't like about it is a holley carburetor on a steep hill i ride the clutch last year on this event i don't know but it's yeah it's supremely reliable man i'm just impressed and happy it's it's a good looking juicer it's fun super fun is all there is is it pretty much interior um it's been recovered you can see somebody i've got plans for it but right now it's just a driver i drive it every day except winter i keep it off the salted roads but uh it's just fun got a solid a hard top for it that has a luggage rack and all oh that's cool a handmade old-school stainless steel box to keep it out of the weather it's got the winch cable in it still it looks solid it really does it came out of texas i know i've got a ton of receipts from back in the day i spent a lot of time in in lubbock and some little boy had it has receipts from every oil change with the shaky old writing that's so cool that he had the springs redone he did some hokey stuff like trying to cover up rust with you know that stainless steel stuff oh oh yeah so we'll fix all that but right now i'm just having fun driving it that's awesome it just always starts and always goes gets great mileage and 18 miles a gallon through the desert last year tires aired down what that's amazing the carburetor is jetted right and it just goes it never overheats i mean it's just there it's always there that's because it was a jeep thanks a little it's a jeep it asks if that means it's not working if it doesn't leak absolutely

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