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GPW MOD at Mason-Dixon

My name is Cameron Cardi this is my 1942 GPW. It has a Chevrolet V6, a little 4.3 with Toyota axles. 35 bfgs, 8274 winch. Fully boxed frame, stock rear springs front and back with no lift and 35s. I have high line fenders with the hood cut. I made the roll bar, the rock sliders, battery mounts, you name it- I made- I built it. I have touched every nut and bolt.

That looks really good. It's an epic vehicle!

Thank you.

This is a GPW right?

Yes and it was actually a factory script. It was an early script up.

What made you want to go this route?

I've built a few flat fenders in the past and this was really all those ideas put into one truck. It drives good on the highway, it crawls -well- it actually climbs really well

The top looks really good on it.

The top was made by a friend of mine Jeff at Classic Jeep Tops.

Jeff uh what's his last name? exactly I know him! That's for you Jeff, I'm sure you'll see this.

I like they got Pioneer tools on there still, pretty awesome! You got a name for it?

Just my little GPW

It's my little GPW, looks good! Hey thanks.

Thank you

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