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Carl Wilson 1948 Willys Truck

My name is Carl Wilson 1948 of Willy's pickup uh all original body um not all Jeep drivetrain but not all 1948 Drive trains hang on check out the interior I'm sorry it's worth the interior I'm uh once I get them running I typically I stop focusing on the interior but it's all redone Raptor liner inside and out so they're driving in the winter it's got a odd fire V6 a motor out of a 1966 CJ5 the axles are out of a 61 Willy's pickup just to get the 488 ringers original

transfer case and it's got a t98 four-speed a transmission two years in a row down in Winchester show up one of the slowest truck race and it's pretty slow yep today I brought it with a load of firewood on there to just have it more of a working truck show I built the head rack and uh State pockets for the same reason really working for me it looks good you got the quarter song

that's a nice truck original 1948 colors emerald green and the design red but it looks that looks really good together

I like it I did not for radio tires because there's no buy supplies there's They Ride stuff enough as it is but radios right yeah I like it hey thanks okay great thank you to get a free copy of the Willys and Jeep restoration parts catalog from the Jeepster man go to and order your free copy today

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