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Bob Christy's 1953 CJ3B

My name is Bob Christy I run the Willys reunion for about 10 years now we are on our 29th year this is my 1953 cj-3b

it's a little dirty

so did you pay the color i did i got it as close to woodstock green as i could get it this was a plow vehicle at a body shop when i got it and it was held together with bondo and popsicle sticks and it took me three years to make it look this way it's good

so how original is it it's got a different year body on it um it's got fenders from a fire jeep from denison ohio the frame is original the hood's original the windshield's original to the jeep

the seats are original but recovered the motor's original transmission transfer case um i did rebuild the motor i did not rebuild the transmission or transfer case um but will if needed

well tell me about your pto i know you do a lot of stuff for the pga what is this this is a new grin three-point hitch one of the earlier three-point hitches after the love made in the uh mid-40s 46-47 and what i've got here is an ice cream maker that i rigged up to run off of the pto when i bought this jeep it had the pto in a bucket in the back and this jeep did run when i bought it i drove it home but i like the pto so that's why i bought it i added the new grin after i rebuilt the jeep i found it at one of the willy's reunions so kind of kind of a rare piece

you gonna make ice cream again tonight uh depending on the weather yeah it looks like it's gonna be good good yeah yeah kind of fine so what is it that's uh eugene the jeep from popeye and uh there's a story about the naming of the jeep whether it was named gp for general purpose and and stretched into jeep or whether it was named after eugene the jeep who was a little creature that could pop into different dimensions and i think he belonged to the sea hag he was the sea hag's companion but he was a happy-go-lucky little thing so he's a jeep the amish guy that so sewed this on here was just like i don't know what the heck that is you know but i made it and then the amish guy sorted on looks good

that's good so we enjoy driving it i mean it's yeah and what else yeah you have a jeepster and i have a 49 jeepster that's uh being restored at home i have a 46 uh cj2a column shift and i've got this empire tractor over here and i've got a 1985 cj10a and i'm out of room

all right

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