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1962 Willys Wagon Restoration

My name is Bob Angle I live in Pocatello, Idaho
took this about five years
all apart put it all back together so it's been a kind of father and daughter project anyway well that's nice yeah it worked out and she's finally getting to drive her again she had it for a long time
I was like the colors were her choice oh the color looks good the color looks really it looks really good it's it's spoofy i'll say that someone came in

how's the interior do you guys do or we did the interior [Music] did the interior for us uh she wanted he kind of went with the gray and quite uh pretty much it's not about how big

they originally had probably smooth vinyl seats but these are kind of i don't know they look good it looks good it looks really good you got that floor mat in and that was no small job all right so i take it it was the burl green at one point and it was green there's i don't know what jeep did but they must have a good deal on green paint because you see hundreds of them yeah that's a proper color but this looks good this looks really good

wow your headliner looks awesome too yeah the pole street guy did the headliner too at the same time is this just regular uh he did this uh the body shop did this uh you know it's the rhino liner or something it was just so many the floor and the and the wheel wells weren't that perfect you know to be painted shiny so and this is actually a little more durable yeah it looks good too yeah yeah looks damn good can you match the color good stuff i'm just going to put some nice looking ones

it's got that 226 in it yeah yep super hurricane yeah we got some little hurricanes over there [Music] did you have to rebuild the engine or anything did you have to rebuild the engine or anything yeah we had when we got it when she bought it it had a bad uh piston broken rings or something i think it was on the last slogan so we just tore the engine down and went through it had the machine work going on

cubic inches but it has a hell of a lot of torque it just really surprises you oh yeah from a thousand rpm on off it just goes it looks good thanks bob

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