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Phil's 1951 EWA Willys Truck

So this is amos uh 1951 willys truck um he's been on uh three Epic Willys Adventures we uh we put a flathead six cylinder motor in it it's got the the three speed trans stock axles pretty much everything about its stock other than the fact that we swapped in that flathead six but uh rusty and trusty it was a service station truck from saint paul minnesota we rescued him after sitting in a field for 35 years um about eight years ago and then 2016 was the first time that we took them out from here in eau claire to moab utah on the first Epic Willys Adventure can i show the inside yeah

there's that epic logo oh yeah our rugged radios for communication uh pretty spartan interior we have our documentation from the trips on the headliner [Music] is this your air conditioner over here yeah it doesn't work really it was more it's now more for novelty it's kind of fun though we still have the plow for it we don't use it anymore uh but we still have all the controls in case we want to if we want to yeah this is uh this is our hydration station it's a little cooler uh also it's where we keep the pony kegs for the kegerator whether it's root beer for during the day or beer for at night stay hydrated um little camp cooler toolbox it's still messy from the last epic usually we we get them ready about two weeks before the next Epic Willys Adventure so which is coming 2023 stay tuned on that but we got the exhaust stack

this thing sounds like a really old semi truck when it's firing up idling i love it but it's a good workhorse gets the job done and it turns a lot of heads

that's phil's rig that's amos right amos what's his name right yeah amos fedorowski [Laughter]


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