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1947 Willys CJ2A Fire Truck

Hello everyone this is Mark from www.thejeepsterman.com and you can see John the JeepsterMan himself standing there but we have uh some really cool stuff to talk about we are at the 25th Willys Fall Reunion here in Fulton Missouri and so the Willys legend lives on and there's nothing uh a bigger part or nobody a bigger part of that Willys legend than art boss himself so Art how is it going excellent this year the turnout has been suspended we got more people this year than any other year that's great art it's good to hear and i'm sure we'll walk around and get a couple uh more shots of some of the vehicles here but right now can you tell us a little bit about this particular jeep that uh appears to be a fire truck can you tell us a little bit about it it's a 1945 cj2a it was converted to a fire truck by howe apparatus back in uh 1945 it has both mb and gpw parts on it surplus parts left off after the war it pumps 360 gallons of water a minute it has a booster trailer tows behind it and it carried four firemen with full equipment wow that's fantastic art let's get a little bit of a look at it here um you can see some of these uh mbw parts did you say in gpw yeah so we have some military parts that i would think are associated with that correct voltage regulator military wow that's the big voltage regulator you see over there right here radiator you can see it's got the early grille on it with the early parking lights in there yeah and what engine is this art it's a four-time door this one's got the governor you don't see that governor on a whole lot of these and you can see that was a special option on this one great really nice so as we're looking around at this jeep you can see the interior uh how about that windshield split windshield and it's also got window windshield wipers on it yes i'm hand operated and a vacuum wow so you literally would use these by hand the driver was back to me the driver's attacker was hand operated passenger wow and then here's some of the fire equipment you can see on the back here um so you mentioned it would hold four people so two people would stand back here on the grab rails i gotcha pretty cool and then we have the trailer and you say it holds how many gallons uh it's a 100 gallon tank 400 gallon tank so if you ever had to put a fire out with this heart you can suck with the heart suction hoses out of a pond stream let me get out of your way very interesting if you pump them from a hydrant which has pressure then you use a soft suction hose gotcha and then if you look at this rear axle tell me a little bit about them hubs john you know what those are in particular they almost look like so full-time four-wheel drive yes but no part-time part-time yeah with the transfer cases okay and so we'll take a look at a couple of these hoses here um and some of the other equipment that we have in the back of tail light on some of the tail lights yep yes but uh really really unique and very rare and art

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