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Window Sweep Installation

All right so here we are at Jeepsterman we're working on a 1960 station wagon today and i'm replacing the window sweeps in this so as you can see i removed the outer uh garnish here and inner molding so you took that off and then that window sweep on the inside is attached it's stapled to this molding here okay and then the outside one um i pulled it out now it's got clips that hold it in like you can see this clip is broken there and then i've started to pull these out um they're supposed to look like this [Music] so those clips are supposed to look like so our new kit our new window sweeps they come the outside sweep comes with new clips installed on it so we're going to be um removing these old clips because i had several of them that were broken um we're gonna put putting new ones in so ours window sweeps they also come they're curved on the end here to match the uh the curve there some of the competitors out there they don't have that uh ours do they're curved on the end like that so i'm gonna go ahead and reinstall this and we'll be back and i'll show you how this installed thanks okay so we're back we got that first uh outside window sweep in there and like i was saying ours comes curved so you got a nice fit there there's actually a clip up in here so uh the ones that come straight across you you really can't clip them in there which could leave this um sweep here loose so ours come curved there and then you can see i installed the new clips they're they're lined up perfectly so the way you get ours they're lined up for you so all you got to do is just clip them in the new holes and i basically just used a flathead screwdriver to do that that whole job i popped the old ones out and then put the new one in there and pressed it in so we be back here in a minute when we do the uh inside so now we're working on the uh inside sweep here so i just removed the um the old one from the garnish from the trim here so it's held on i don't know if you can see but some real small wire is what holds those on and i actually just took a die grinder and cut just make sure you don't cut very deep and just cut those loose that was probably the easiest way to get those things off of there um so then i'm going to get the new piece that comes in our kit and we're going to put it on here and we're going to wire this new piece back onto this garnish.

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