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Willys Jeep Station Wagons: Iconic Design And A Grand Ride

When you show people pictures of these kinds of iconic vehicles, you get a certain response.

The Willys Station Wagon and similar vehicles have character – they have it in spades.

That's kind of a big deal in today's auto industry, where a lot of cars and other vehicles tend to look more or less the same. A lot of car people yearn for the old days when flamboyant designs were the norm – the years of large, angular fenders, quaint-looking carriages, and neat glass and metal dashboards and accessories – not to mention an all-metal frame!

The Willys Station Wagon

Enter the Jeep station wagon and Jeep overland station wagon designs. One word to describe these vehicles is “dapper” – they evoke the style of the Tudor home, or an elaborate 1970s-era woodworking project. With their colored panels and contours, these vehicles are a joy to drive, and owners are proud to park them anywhere.

Parts and Services

We sell all kinds of applicable parts for the Willys Jeep station wagon. Take a look at our customized grille bars for these legacy vehicles, along with Commando taillight kits to keep your vehicle road-worthy. 

Round Headlights

Another unique feature of these old vehicles is the round glass headlights. We have the replacement parts that you need to keep these lights in good shape. 

Maintaining Your Willys 

So that’s part of what’s involved in keeping your vehicle in good serviceable condition. In some cases, you may want to slip some cardboard onto the garage floor to help check for oil leaks. You’ll want to keep an eye on the aging tires. It’s also a good idea to keep the vehicle in a dry place, to prevent damage to the upholstery and other issues. 

We don’t come to your home and do all of these things for you – but as mentioned, we do help with providing the parts that will keep your Jeep station wagon running and looking great for the long term. Spend time on our site and you’ll see why bookmarking us is as good as having a “parts car” on your property (saves you some space, too!) Get the parts that you need for your specific make and model, from a company that values customer service and has been around for a while. You’ll see that in the field of vendors offering parts and systems for car owners, we know Willys! And we are ready to help you. 

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