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Hey guys it's John at JeepsterMan today we're working on a '68 Jeepster Commando that was just frame off restored and we're just tying up some of the um small parts and pieces on this. Today we're putting the V6 emblems on it... and I'm going to show you um the V6 emblems, where they go and how we're going to install these things on this particular one. So right here you can see the V6 emblems that we have out here, so these V6 emblems they were found on the CJ5, CJ6 and Jeepster Commando-- any of them that had the 225 V6, so from 1966 to 1971 is when you would have found these emblems on those Vehicles. So here you can see we have the V6 emblems and they have the pins on the back. Now you can do one of two things. You could leave these pins on here uh if you have holes and you can use these studs and you could, I would still recommend using some glue maybe as well if you're going to leave those studs, and that's how some of these V6 emblems mount. But some people they don't want to drill into new paint or maybe they just don't want to drill at all... You could, because I've done this before, you could break these studs off and you could glue these onto the vehicle. I have seen people use adhesive tape as well... it's up to you. But today we're going to be drilling holes for these things. One of our doors already has holes, the other one does not so we're going to be drilling holes and um I'm just going to check the fit, we might use these pins if we need them and I'm probably going to put a little glue on it too just just to make sure they don't come off. So let me show you where these V6 emblems go at least on a Jeepster Commando. A CJ5, CJ6... they're going to be a little bit different. And the Jeepster Commandos, they vary as well. So on the earlier Jeepster Commandos starting in '67 you would have typically seen these V6 emblems and this, these are original holes, you would have seen them up here on the door in this area. Now later on, you would have seen this V6 emblem down here on the cowl. I don't know when they did that exactly, this one is a '68 so I speculate they did that probably in '69 or '70 somewhere right in there. And they would have only had the V6 emblems until '71 because '71 was the last year for the 225 V6. So that's where they go, um this side already has the holes drilled. So let's come over here and I'm going to show you what we got to do today. So this is brand new fresh paint job and I really wish we had drilled these holes before but but we did not, so we're going to be drilling holes right in this area. I'm going to trace everything out. I'm going to double check it over and over and make sure this lines up and we're going to drill holes and put these V6 emblems there, so! All right guys so you can kind of see what we're doing we're making a template here... so this side already had the holes drilled in it, um I took a piece of paper and I took some painters tape here and put this in place and I kind of traced around like the contours of the door and everything, and then I took my emblem and pushed it in there. So that's going to be my template for me to drill. Now I'm going to double check this over there but I should be able to flip this around and reverse it and put it on the other side and use these holes that I made for this V6 emblem to get this correct because everybody hates drilling into new paint, you can't you can't mess this up, so you want to get it right the first time. So we're going to take this template, take it over there and we're going to drill the holes we can install this on the other side. Uh we just successfully drilled these holes without messing up the paint so, I'll show you what we did we took that paper and we traced it out over there and then we just flipped it around and we had made our holes and such um then we taped it in place. Here's what else you need to do too, so put tape behind it-- painters tape, so that if your drill bit walks hopefully you don't mess up the paint so I always put tape like that on there. So you can see we got everything lined up, fits in there perfectly. Alright now let me show you this, so I can take this off now. There you go! Holes look good, we didn't mess up the paint um it's exactly what we wanted so now we're going to put both of these V6 emblems in place. I'm probably going to use a little bit of glue too, maybe just for a little bit of extra strength. So we'll put them in place, we'll come back and we'll show you guys what these look like uh once they're installed. We got our V6 emblems installed, we're going to show those to you um, I'll let you know that the size of the bit that we used to drill those holes with a-- was a 1/8th inch drill bit that we used. Make sure you use a nice sharp one, we bought a brand new one just in case because you want a really sharp bit when you're going into new paint because like I said you do not want to screw up. So you can see we got that lined up perfectly, and these I actually pushed these on and they were so tight that I didn't need glue or anything I mean these things are not-- they're not going to come off. I'm probably might put a little glue on the one. But that one's installed, that's the one we had to drill the holes and this one as well. This one is all installed so. They look really good! So like I said, the earlier models had them up here. The later models had them down here. So you'd find this on a CJ5, CJ6, Jeepster Commando... any of the ones that had the 225 V6 from '66 to '71. You can find these V6 emblems on our website thejeepsterman.com Got questions it's sales@thejeepsterman.com or you can call (314) 798 - 6462. Thanks for watching!

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