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Tips for Restoring the Interior of Your Willys Jeep

The legend of the modern-day Jeep dates to November 1940. It emerged in the early days of WWII, just a year before the U.S. got involved in the war.

At this time, the Willys “Quad,” a small, four-wheel-drive prototype, was delivered to the Army, made famous during the war, and as a result, over 300K MB vehicles were manufactured.

Today, if you still own one of these Willys Jeeps, consider yourself lucky. They are iconic, historic, and fun to drive. However, if yours needs a bit of a facelift, it may be time to invest in an interior upgrade.

However, since this is such a classic vehicle, you want to ensure you do it right. Keep reading for some tips to ensure the perfect restoration of the interior of your Willys Jeep.

Figure Out What Needs to be Done

Before doing anything – this includes taking things out or putting things in – figuring out the end goal. Do you want to gut the interior and start over? Or can you salvage some of the interior components?

Take some time to fully evaluate what you want to do to the interior of your Jeep before you get started. Having a game plan is going to help you figure out what to do and stay on track.

Determine Your Budget

Any type of classic vehicle restoration can add up. Because of this, you should know your budget before y0ou start doing anything. Knowing what you must spend is going to help you prioritize what you want to do. After all, while a full-leather steering wheel cover may seem like a nice addition to the Jeep, is it necessary? Figure out where you can get the most ROI for your restoration dollar.

Find a Quality Parts Supplier

No matter if you choose to use OEM or aftermarket parts for your restoration, make sure you find a quality parts supplier. To know for sure, ask other people who have Jeeps about the providers they use. You can also look at forums and reviews, which will give you more insight into suppliers of Jeep parts. The more you can find and learn about different suppliers, the more confident you will get quality parts for your restoration.

Also, always remember the general rule that if you find a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. At this point, it is best to move on to someone else for the parts and components you need.

Restoring Your Willys Jeep

If you are ready to start restoring your Willys Jeep, be sure to keep the information here in mind. Doing so is going to give you the best chance of a successful restoration. Also, by planning out what you want to do, you can feel confident that the results you want will be achieved.

With the right plan, the right parts, and some time and effort, you can feel confident that your Jeep will look and run like new in no time.

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