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T90 Transmission Rebuild

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Where you going with that Joe?
I'm going to put it outside.

Looks like it's like counting pills.

Kind of is! They're little- they're kind of hard to grab on to sometimes. Okay and then we've got a whole- whole bunch of extras in case something horrible happens. I'll just kind of throw them in my box of little goodies right there in case I need them.

Alright! okay, so you're over here. So what you're going to do is um, one cup at a time, and you're going to end up with a row of bearings here. You're going to- so you're going to end up with a row of springs there... a washer, a roll of bearings, and a washer. And the same thing on the other side. Uh some people use a hook. I I like to just do this- just after you get- after you get a couple of them in there I just take it like this and I just pinch it and shove it underneath. You go all the way around... and just keep them in the center. Doesn't- yep,

another rubber band and then...

A washer and then a rubber band and you do it again. it's it's easiest to work on the end to shove them in. You just just pinch it like yep, like that. Or you can use a tool, or you can use a tool. I prefer a the pinch method but.

Dennis likes tools.
I like tools.
So the washer ends up being like the cage for the bearing...
You got it. Yep okay you good? Alright it's a race. I like to work on cloth because stuff doesn't roll away on this surface, so you don't- you're not chasing stuff all over the place. Plus I like clean stuff. So I just take it and just pinch it, see I don't know if you can see that. So I just go like that and see whoops- so I just pinch it drop a bearing in... pinch it drop a bearing in. So I really don't think I really need a tool for that. Just like that just work my way around. Doesn't need to be perfect. Just have to- it's important to have 22. 21 you'll have a big you'll have a gap. 23 you'll have a bubble.

Yeah a little bit that's okay. I want people to- I want people to be able to see this and learn. So, I can deal with it. So we're getting there... just keep shoving them under there.

Can you pick it up and...
Can I what?
...Pick it up so I can pan around it when you're done?

Oh sure, sure. And apparently we got a miscount, so I have an extra bearing there. That's the way it should look- just like that. And you'll have four rows of that. Now remember don't forget to put your next washer on. See there's- see how it cages it? That's what you want. a washer. Put a little rubber band and this rubber band. You can get uh, I bought them at Walmart. You buy them in the beauty aisle for hair and stuff like that and I bought a a box of them like this, it was 98 cents for 300 of them.

Oh yeah, so that.

And if you go over and look over at Dr Dave's, he's got fancy colored ones. I have no idea where he got his.

I got lots of little girls in braces and so I just take the rubber bands from them.

Alright here we go. And it's- it's easier to, it it's a little bit tough in the beginning... and of course I cut my fingernails so it's hard to grab that right away, but soon as you get a couple in there. You can just pinch it, and I know my finger's blocking it so you can't see it but... can you see that Scott?

I don't know.

There you go. The other thing I like about the other thing I like about this method is... it's not so filthy. You know you, yeah you know when you- when you pack on the old school way with the uh- with the tubes and you're holding them all in there with grease you got- you got goop everywhere...

Tons of people scoff at me, but I think an electric Jeep would be super neat. Maybe not practical...

Yeah you could do some crazy stuff...

And thats the thing with electric vehicles...

I'm not aware of it...I've never seen it...

What diameter is your dummy Shack there Joe?

It's a 3/4 in shaft so it's- it's same diameter as as that. So it's it's a 3/4 in shaft and it's just what I use is just a a regular cold rolled shaft out of a out of a machine shop just bar stock. nothing fancy. So you don't have to worry about surface finish or anything like that cuz it's just a temporary, there's nothing running on it. Oops. The the critical thing though is to have the right length and uh, uh I don't remember what that length is off the top of my head.

Is it the same with the regular shaft?

No, no. But the length is such that it will drop into the ca- allow the cluster gear to drop into the case... but yet be long enough to hold all the bearings and the little space- the little washer at the end so it's kind of a... it's like seven, I think it's 7.05 I think is the way I made them... 705


How about the center tube how long is it? It got to be special length?

It's yeah- it, that is a um, that center tube is a um component part of the transmission so that is- that's not something you build or- you buy it. It comes in the kit but and most of the time you can reuse your old tube it'd be I mean I can maybe maybe I could see maybe if a of a something happened in transmission and it really got tore up like gear exploded and it just destroyed everything in it or it came out of the bottom of a river or something we've all seen

that okay I put this right here yeah that's cool I'm going to do a time lapse the whole thing so I just put them in the cups cuz that helps me get the right number of be of U bearings in there and that's oh because I grabbed the other one see you now here you can see where this is what it'll look like if you got too many see it's all bunched up rather than looking like that let me come close that's the way it's supposed to look that's one extra come right up right there that's just one extra bearing and if you got an extra bearing it it won't go together it will go together if you have too few a bearing

okay you good all right let me pull that extra one out of there pum that over there so we got that ah great well that's what want people want to see yeah so that can this is going to happen to you that that can happen but it's not a big deal just kind of dump them in there again Jonah it's nice to use your claw so they didn't roll on the floor floor you got it off your shoe and going into the bench y now the the the the the one thing that are really really linty so if you you take it you do that you got LP flying all over that's not what you want to use so these are this just happens to be blue roll toall out of my U my machine shop that is your that's what the cluster the bearing setup is going to look like inside the transmission on the bottom so four rows of 22 needle bearings Okay so we've got um those are going to get inserted into our cluster shaft can go either way doesn't really matter uh I like to prop my cluster shaft up with just a piece of 1in square stock you could you know I think the first time I did it I used that as my prop but this seem


now this is assembly loop it's for transmissions I used to always use Vaseline used it for literally 40 years just in at at the Jeeps in January event uh Bob you brought this stuff up you brought this stuff up and I used it I like hey that's pretty good stuff so this is not what I use I get it uh I bought mine at uh Summit Racing it was like uh I don't know 10 bucks something like that Nappa has it for and and this amount will last you probably a lifetime you can mail it to your friends yeah it's it's pretty tacky you know it's pretty tacky stuff you can kind of see we got we got

problems L yeah in my pocket I won't even know oh uh actually I want to put that over there I don't get cuz it'll sweat

wet that's what

always I really

like yeah to keep up that rub so so the washer fell off I can if it if it falls off you can just put it on later man on the back one darn it too slippery now that's what you got you been


yeah there's that one there 15 I don't know that's what I'm waiting

that van is still caught on there huh take that throw it

away make sure you don't knock him off the end just a minute here take some pictures so don't put your grease on first

this stuff is sticky sticky sticky that's a nice camera dude I love this thing yeah you play around with it later you'll fall in love with them all right shove it in

there get the out of there he found teaching the class here he found a spring in front of a Jeep and it was a spring from feel


yeah kind of keep your hands on the end so you don't knock your bearings off I remember when I

firsted broke the tail sha


got so Joe those bearing spacers were they the new ones were the wrong size uh the one in Dave's kit was uh you know what you know I didn't use the ones in the other kits I used the uh existing ones so his was wrong his was a new one yeah dve found up in the uh there Rusty or well the one this one came [Music] off last

one and this is pretty tacky

today yeah this stuff is um you can tell the difference of just 10° difference of when when you're using it it's much more tacky and tends to pull the bearings away from the rber bandus smearing in

it here it's a big difference shove that on there if you drive it in the snow you'll see what you tast see you like better oh there's another

one it's not inside there all right get your washer there it up just to just to hold it in there a little bit there's your washer there and then we have a washer there don't want it to fall out so just goop it up a little bit just

that's all set when you're done put the top on your Lube so you don't get

stuff and then just open it up we'll open it up again when we put our thrust washers on and we said that about

yeah I just started using this stuff be five months ago I guess I like the Gap is

different and I put some schuts on here to just to lubricate it although I really question whether that's really necessary because uh it'll have gear oil on it well before you run it it's the same on both so um to get this bad boy in here going to be a slight press the best way you don't want to tip this cuz all your stuff inside is going to fall out so tip the case and this portion of it right here has to go through this portion right here tell me if these two are identical so hold it like this I hold I hold it like this and I run it in set it like that and then I can drop it in make sure that the notch on the thrust washer uh falls in the there's a there's a notch in the case to keep it from rotating while it's in while it's in

operation so it's just sitting in the bottom of the case there and then this one this not this tab right here there's another boss inside the case and if you just drop it in like this you see it what are you looking at right you have to give it a little a little wiggle sometimes you let the light in behind bring it up a little bit am I caught I caught on here that's weird too there we

go there we go and we're going to just drop it in the bottom of the case the washers and everything do not need to line up with the end holes that's not work we're not doing that yet it needs to sit down in the bottom of the case so that you can get this assembly in I think that first one they would have next thing um is the oil Slinger and that again that's just going to sit down in the bottom of the case uh common problem that people have is they can't get the Chevrons past this portion of the oil Slinger it can be a real bummer uh this this item by the way I believe was deleted in later t9s um so if you get it together and you don't have an oil Slinger in it depending on how frustrated you are you might want to just say the hell with this part and just um but you got to plug the holes so you'd have to put like a nlock nut on the back side that one a little worse any so I'm going to drop that in

there it's just going to sit down in there kind of like that all right keep in mind that this part so we are now done with the case for the time being so I I I I think of the of the transmissions in three three kind of sub assemblies one is the the cluster gear which we just did the second one is the main it's commonly called input shaft or main drive gear uh assembling the bearing and snap ring on it and make sure that we have uh that on it and then finally is the U the main shaft assembly so uh I'm going to stop right there on my portion of it for the time being drop my screws in there whoa you sure

positive we got our Hub cone to the end cone to the end that slide them on make sure they slide back and forth I put them together like this put them in my hand drop the dog so that is a the little protrusion is against the slider drop them in there keep your palm your hands so they don't fall

through grab your your spring you can kind of manipulate them getting go up and down just by flexing your palm you want this stick up a little so you can get the U that that little there caught into the cavity of the sink dog get the one in there flip it around catch the other dog flip around catch that dog push the spring down that side's done flip it over and repeat like that there on there and we're we're

in so you got them all down there make sure you can shift it you should be able to shift it by hand if you can't then you got to take it apart you got really stiff Springs or the sink dog got to too sharp of a shoulder on there it's getting caught in the detent that's in the in the uh uh the sleeve oh yeah okay so we got that um we lued our second gear and the shaft we lubed the blocking ring and the taper otherwise boy they'll get really stuck on there put this down like this and again did you count has a kind of counter bar this is flush with the top so you want that out and drop it down sometimes it can be a real sometimes it can be real difficult to get on there if it's really tight so we got that really Eno and we need a snap ring so um this is the Novak snap ring our other one wasn't worth a hoot it was too it was it was too big and it was kind of flopping around the groove we'll see what this one does and I can tell already that no look at

that winner winner awesome okay so there's that I've got really bad news for you and then this blocking ring goes like we go in there like that and the blocking rings that Notch goes over the dogs you'll see it on this side too I don't know if you can see that but there's a notch and it goes over the sink dogs I can't I don't want to pull it far enough any further off you kind of see it there see the notch so you need to rotate that like that now it can go all the way back exactly what there's that that's done some people will put that in right away and then and then the input shaft I do it the other way

around so we got uh to assemble an input sha actually I'm kind of out of sequence looking on with the other stuff uh we have a block put over the table leg so I'm not smacking in the middle of the table I have ail Slinger you'll see there's a protrusion right here that will go against the bearing when the bearing goes on so it doesn't ride up against the bearing the bearing goes on such that when you put it in it will insert in the case and the snaap ring stop okay we put that on here like this got lined up kind of kind of

straight you can use

a probably a PVC would work I just happened to have metal in my in my [Music] shop Joe he bought it Dave bought another cluster am I down oh I'm down Dave just bought another cluster andang I don't want to screw this up all right so uh we got stamping in the correct orientation we got our oil Slinger in the correct correct spot uh snap ring Novak supplies two different thicknesses got to put them in the

groove Jesus they're both kind of thin there's a big Boer right there use this one so put on there I take the snap ring pliers I put the snap ring like that so I get the pliers nice and even on iter like like so P push it down like that as you're going

oops almost there come

Ong and we're in that is your main drive gear assembly all set to go the eff okay uh I throw that away two ways you can do that you can drop that in first if you wanted but remember this um you put the oh right there is or you can put the input shaft in I prefer to put the input shaft in first uh I can manipulate the oil Slinger a little easier so it's going to go in like that the hard part is to get to get that past the Chev Rons here so that's why I like to do the input shaft second so I'll do a test run to make sure it'll go through go in there and I have to figure out the how I can do that onger in Gil that's like an

hour bent maybe and that's right on Arizona State


[Music] wow

vent not yeah I can't find the sweet spot for where it where it it gets past the Chev Rons on the uh input

[Music] shaft bent a little


bit it is so

close you we uh we should pack Bo


I is that the brand new kaer no I don't know what I don't know where that one came from of some my old transmission trip

this right up by

now and I hate silicone Focus I hardly ever use it but this is the one case that one of the One cases that I do use it I can

get I was 25 years saying like that is that for that plug uh the plug and the input shaft that plug is right there and it's supposed to just sit there but I like the exra I like the exert added gluing it in there cuz if

it and then I never put any in here cuz I don't want it going into the case it doesn't take very much not going to get much out of

this pain pushing my around if you don't do this you put this nice sealed bearing in but it'll leak around the

bearing piano so now you see why t got all boxed

up they getting ready to fall apart I said that's an the road they said that's worth $50,000

I a guy came out help he said

I there we go we got that next there get that rug out five bolts that are very similar two are fine threaded those are for the oil Slinger three are coar thread those are for the front retainer they go in here I use copper washers instead of their they have a fiber washer in there but when you tighten it down the fiber washer split so I make up

copper the de gravity think about what the sper is right there the reason why I don't put the man shaft in first cuz I need my hand in there to do all that manipulation orig side right where this rid which is approximately right there that's why they put an oil hole and some people omit just omit the oil Slinger and just use a quar 28 Nylock nut or

something even after all the work we've done remember we have okay we want to make sure that after we tighten it down oops that um got the oil Slinger isn't rubbing on it so it's really really close but it's not rubbing I can I can feel it moving or rotate it so we're good there now the next thing

is I'll put on the front retainer uh there is a gasket

here and we're really not using the gasket anymore because we plugged all the all the holes but we need it as a spacer so we we'll put it in there anyway we need to seal the threads because they penetrate the case and it could it could go um past the threads and into here and right out right out your input shaft so I like to use primex number two that is not

it is it still over at the other bench possibly

than walk it around do another row work it around as far as up as far far up the Fastener as you need to go that like that and repeat two more times with your other fast I'll just do it next year now stuff is kind of black and goie if it dries and gets dry or anything uh it cleans up very nicely with

kerosene what's the difference between that and the clear RTV uh RTV is like once it dries it's you know it doesn't kerosene it won't dissolve in anything get check how you get by is this bearing cap better than that one I don't know yet CU cuz this is the one that get you're giving away I mean this is the one I was going to use but that one looks better or not looks like to the vertical stations this way so it doesn't I don't think it really matters don't buy any more okay this a beauty we're going to use this I love this though I haven't bought it anymore except stop one it's got a notch in it that Notch orients with where the plug is I've got uh I got transmiss like that and that little silicone right up there and just smear it across so it can't can't go past the uh snap ring there and it kind of just holds it in there your might or might not and when you put this thing on you see what break them down a little bit there just glue it on there so fall down on there you go when you go to put it on make sure that you're not off and you're going to you don't just put this on there start feeling around because you could poke your uh your rubber plug into the transfer or into into the case there so I always line that up with that that like

that then go again and we got a copper washer but it really doesn't do anything cuz it's not it's just we're just sealing the

threads sh can't reach % on mine they cut they

cut I mean I could you know I can do this this one I and if I overo something it'll come up like this and stop right here and you can't

again you don't need to you don't need to tighten the babers out of this thing it's


iix up back okay that is done to any muscle swing and take other hand raise it down exercise it heel back 6 weeks swing okay SC mus on right got a titanium

pin I had a titanium sometimes I set it off we go all right now uh main shaft

main sha M bearings that'll ride on here and inside the input shaft our

assembly Jeep okay so embly goo very Tacky Tacky Tacky stuff you use that to hold hold your needle bearings in place while you and I can turn this a little bit so you can see2

or2 but all those needle bearings will have to kind of stay in suspension there a little bit until you can get the uh the main shaft engaged into

it falling out do all kinds of crazy

stuff Bob's Empire there oh you got me well there was there was 14 of

them I'm stuck on a cluster a cluster we like he just went and bought another one and cleaned it up and was the

oh we've done we've been there that's for a

truck when they drop the rear

diff which one was it it's got a tiny so these all go in and they can go in just setting them in there but the last one we'll have to uh assemble um quax it'll have to slide in like this it will not you won't be able to put it in and then drop it in

right want to goel with me put that one in there that's what I was telling it's his preference I don't where my DOT went oops might have to count them

againe you're looking for you want the 35 separated we should actuallya

I think it got I think it got wiped off I think it

[Music] was it's got to be that one I thought CER it

looked little the other3 you drew this too

I don't know wow these are falling all over the

place one's got to be oh well you can there's a pick it up one of those is a 35 really there's there's a you can you can put them next to each other and you can tell one's bigger than the

other last

one one of those three slide in from the now now they won't now they won't fall in these are all 33 so we go line where's the

the my I didn't know all line up that's the same Joe do you still need power over here no I do not okay all right we're going to disconnect line

up that is nicer than the other two the one there okay so we got that wasn't this now we have to put the main shaft in it to do that put the that's a good one there he put the the S sleeve pretty far

forward on there that's the one we have a forgot put Hill theek truck put some 98 oil we have one more person otherwise the blocking ring right there this up on the inside liberally as well otherwise it'll get stuck on the

paper that'll go on here like so like

that and then pay attention when you not the end of the world but pay attention as to where the sink dogs are because the sink dogs need to engage that so we want to put it in L like that and we push it all the way far forward so we can get above second gear right there drop down and in so now that is in and we're all we're all set there uh now first reverse first reverse goes with the shifting Groove to the front and sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt to get onto the splines I think I preassembled this earlier so I should be able to get it on

there drive right now spent four 5 years 10 years life get there there you go

think okay so now of course I forgot to do the pull up cluster cluster gear that's why I went in so easy but we can use gravity to our advantage first gear is there it'll rest uh sorry first gear is right here it'll rest on first gear and the

input work this Ed now I will manipulate

my that and I can manipulate that you want to try to stay in and then rotate it a little this will rotate around uh so it's going to

be it's going to rotate away from that

so something

23 24 22 23 line up like that here you have to line up both so you can get your dummy input shaft to go through the case so you insert the shaft from we're all looped up already so I'm just going to push it in there just

I don't use the O-rings they always get cut going in anyway I think it's a stupid idea the uh the transfer case seals here so that takes care of the back you I do is just put a little bit of stuff on the front and seals that so I think the O-rings are dis actually disservice because now you have less surface area on that that small area so we get that kind of started there and the got you is to get I should have asked somebody to count it

immediately I even started with a DOT I don't I don't line up enough is all I tried to avoid that so that one started there to rotate this like this to get

a looks Prett

good rot around a little bit it's going to be at the right height because it's sitting on the on the

gear so for the most part slide right through


what do you want I there you go and we've got an nipple shaft oh no we're not out of out of the game yet um first reverse it's already been pre lubed that in

goes that way I think we can slip it right in so almost time in

so and then the um the notch this end is bigger diameter than this end so you should be able to just

little more difficult to line it up now I just kind of line up with my finger hold it against the case and hopefully we'll be in the ball

park that okay how great people great people all right and are you one of those so I think I'm going to pull this back out again the reason for that is is I need to build I might get that in there let's

see grab on the very don't grab here grab on the very end of

it to turn

just enough get a on

it yeah I got

it home I said yeah you still that big trailer I said yeah he said why you look at the big trailer said my dad

so we just need to get those L


wheel such



that we will we're going to do you're welcome okay so plate you put the plate in there you get them lined up and then you can tap both shabs

in of


course they got it's pretty tight

it should tap like that

[Music] huh what oh

crap did it come out did it

really man I am so sick of these production

part here we go we good all lost there's a rear


spacer that was a little too far but ability drive your go necessarily many you got there we go

there there's no room to switch zero I mean we can't even get past the grain of dirt exactly hey should I try sliding that in here now see what Happ let see what happen thanks app problem okay get together

we'll so we got first gear we've got reverse been together for good three hours now yes we've

got second gear a lot cleaner

and okay so now we can like that normally I have a dummy bearing that I can cinch it all up and make sure everything works good before that bearing presses onto that put booger cream on first oh ell I took his uh what do you need uh I want a u right here right here right I right here I want a uh a uh what do you want main drive gear there's a brand new one in there no no a slider that's a slider I want a main drive gear the on the

back we use

this got one Mike [Music]

got you got my cutter Bob I'm GNA bring in the last of the Kaiser willly unuse you want just I don't check check his check his disgust level and

see most the time I just draw it up but I'm in a hurry same place they were when I couldn't find then you got to pull that off to put it in we're even what you got to pull off oh it comes off why does it drive in so hard and not or you just driving right again I'm I'm taking the bearing on of the main but I don't want to beat on a bearing right um I'm going

to there

I well on beautiful now we got to do a top loader all right W that be

fun all right we set that off to to the side we be careful M

to careful not to do [Music] thatat uh

loader we can't it rides in a ball in

here take this drop that in in like that and there's a you can see it but there's a slot there oop sorry pin in there slot against pin now the hard

part this is the this is the spring and it's got to fit over I don't know if you can see it's kind of dark in there there's three little tabs in there kind of cast into it like little Ledges this things got things got to fit down over all these little Ledges and that's not very fun I don't know if I've got the right equipment here do it Well everybody's gone nobody knows now and uh the first pies are


kind of screwing it down in

there got to thank that guy down there for having ay transmission just the only part he needed only

part wasn't he counted thear no he was wrong he kind gears

wrong he even marked it too it was hard for him he he marked it and counted it and he was

wrong got it congratulations Dave is it in yeah woohoo that's as far as we got all


ow there's that one there there's that one there almost there so close so

close darn the wrong one went under that's kind of a bu there we go let's Mo [Music]

that H so wash your hand schol no is not for sale and I'll put that in my school over there all right that wasn't so bad so there is our thing once we get some get some lubrication up there it'll be better it's kind of kind of catching right now but it'll be better okay so uh next shift rails there is an interlock pin


oops there is a blind hole here uh no hole on that side went so it goes in from this

side um got remember

here oh got that oh we also have to do that too oo Jesus um all right so we've got this is the yes we could this is the long rail this is

the this one goes

like that I believe details like that one two

three with me while I fumble haven't done this in a

while did Joe do it with a wire did you watch him drop did what no it didn't do it with wire he likes to do it like a heart surgeon what did they do one of those things I don't lose the pins good plan and then after that I would like that okay so I'm I'm figuring mine out here so mine goes like this I'm looking at that one okay so we go like that so we can drop we got our interlock pin is over here so we can put this rail in first so you're going to as you come in the case you're going to want than so let me seees you don't [ __ ] for I medium hand look like they're bigger than Jo uh I you may not be able to do this heart surgeon style uh I have to do it I didn't really want to do it that direction it's got It's got damage on there right there I need to uh stone

that fits nicely there and this goes


wow you

so something wrong with this D it look a little broke doesn't it

no this is caught on this damage

[Music] here [Music]

oh yeah is that Canadian beer that a m oh my

God yeah I know was your

trailer old

Canadian uh no I'm going to pass for the moment until I'm done with this put on the table o that's some Canadian beer right there uh sure [Music] put that like that and eventually that's many it's going to go in like that and then this rotate like that but the gotcha is num there's poet balls here so you got to drop the I was I was having a problem the spring and then the ball remember I had one there that spring the numbers didn't add up like it was an impossible bait ball like this and you got to make sure the ball doesn't run here run there it's got to sit so you got to have it kind of sit and kind of

level put your finger there and if I had a


feel it does not use this okay so we use that out so you pushed the ball down and now the pop it oops slipped out

push they get it they did not no

it's your it's close oh man it's hard is it so you want me to flick something in from this side while you hold it down oh drifts are I just want to just push it on the

screw May I'll use something a little bit smaller to push it down so I have a little more room to engage that exactly more

action there you go all right there go okay that pop ball is in

there oh [ __ ] now what oh you s o there you

go this has to

go wait a minute did you put the wrong wrong one on first no that's

right oh boy look everybody's leaving this [ __ ] no they're packing up just park line it up there's like that okay so we need to push in a little

further okay now we have access

to to insert this roll pin that's going to go through

there there got to be

is it hang on I can't see if it's in the right spot now I think I think it

is and their roll pin are crazy long but I think it'll be just fine okay so that see how tight that that shift Fork is on that rail now it doesn't make any sense it's like before it was kind of kind of

floppy okay

now the pill this is an interlock pill it's going to go in here and we look in the board and it's all the way down so we can allow that other shift rail that other shift rail to to enter so we want to make sure that we don't tip it that way so it falls back into the board we kind of just keep it like this real careful like and again put it in there I'm pretty sure the some people say this is the most complicated

part okay so we got this shift rail here uh I think this is the way this one goes on it goes like that you want to look at another one nope right here right here no we're good so we're going to put our new one there's our spring down there my existence and I'm going to put this make sure this thing passes all the way through here we don't have any damage that's good that one goes in like this always tell because you can't put it like this because there's three detents on on there for the shifting port and there's one detent for the uh pill for the interlock okay so we got that uh always good to look at a sample and make sure you are putting it in

correctly so we don't have a s shift transmission

incident okay there we go so we got that we're going to put a finger over the end so the ball doesn't roll into Oblivion and we used this here oh appreciate that very nice and I got plenty of room on this one

and got it that's it voila


is we're lined up for this roll pin kind like

that and I believe that is

correct I

believe catch get it all settled out so what did you choose to do

cra is it going no it's not where is the

hole the problem of course is nobody sells brake homes anymore and I think this one is too big

to well well I'm sorry you're the proud owner of that I don't how big do you think the the ridge is and think it's

hardened oh there it is oh look at that even better rather shrink this one going



perfect I don't know okay and again that one is nice and tight on the as tight as you're going to get it on the ra so we're good uh pills in there now

um the last thing we have to do is just we have to uh put the plug back in to plug up the hole so it's a little plug like this looks like a core plug or something nothing fancy looks like that goes in that is out put it over the hole didn't know you you guys didn't know you kind of square it up a little bit

and one top loer we didn't let it happen it's called experience yeah that was thing to okay we got that uh hey we don't have any plugs that give any plugs in the kit or the uh for the back you know the ones that always blow out

yeah so can I steal your adjustable sure so uh our top loader is in neutral you can tell they're both lined up and it can squ can go from rail to rail we want the transmission in neutral so we're in between the two the two blocking rings so that that portion is in neutral and if you look down here there's reverse right there there's first gear right there so we want to be in neutral and we want to drop these shift rails right on to that like that of course we forgot to cover gasket but you know I don't want to I don't want to do that because they may have to pull this off to get it in their Jeep so I'm not going to I'm not gluing that down for them I'm going to put you set it in there I'm just going to set it in there you have six fo eight BTS uh I believe so if you don't I got I think we got six bolts so it's like that and then we're going to um come up with our


bolts what do you need Joe got my bolts screws actually oh cover screws

yeah and I believe the per man you close up we a lot washer on those yep still need cover bolts pretty no he's got

them oops I used the right lock washer that is the correct lock washer there there hanging oh yeah on the up and down

too about 18 in get so I don't destroy the

RoR beauti it's that beer 30 and I'm getting so close to that molsen I can taste it this is an unusually tasting beer you must be unusually thirsty no missing one so many places where is the last here right at it lock washer is in there going dump that on there like that

device but I also found the drawing for that spacer supposed to be a bush tighten down we're going to leave these two both right and we were both wrong off don't you love these trucks EXC so

um where did

uh the input shaft between a four and

IIT something a little harder than I had before good this guy sat here all afternoon hasn't said a word he been watching everything just trying to learn wow yeah there's a lot stand right there I need more

wire throw you did you ever find some plugs Jeff for the back not yet you want to not open that Joel I can give you my wire no no it's it's this is open I just I just bend the bend it over and I just take so they gave you the roll pins but not the plugs I didn't see any plugs no it just defies Logic No it's a little uh we use old plugs I don't know I don't think there was any plug in kit we tested from a vendor that didn't come with sink kind Remar is that it's a complete kit may you get something like that you probably get it easiest on [Music] Amazon okay we're going to go through the we need to retain this so the whole thing doesn't come out ramp go through there so if you want to put the screws up you move both I go

up and it up thought i' tried on this since it's only a bird that we've got in here up and

around one fighting me like this make sure we're all tight and I just the bunch we'll wrap around it clockwise cuz that's the way we tighten the [Music] screw and a whole buch the same time didn't want go and drive them home can [Music] interchange they're all on all right take I don't have what I do with my side Cutters right here


somewhere cut drop get hurt do you need we have these

at that ready for a raffle there that way no one is that what this one is this is the raffle one yep so there you go four cyl six you want the regular 31 ready rocking all longer woohoo yes take long at all no it shouldn't you know you got all the parts to fit right doesn't take long doesn't get much simpler than a a T90 in my opinion. but there's also no I'm try thanks Joe. Okay!

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