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Several Distinctive Features Of Willys Vehicles

At The Jeepsterman, we understand the love and adoration that our customers have for their vintage and specialty Willys vehicles.

These are special kinds of jeeps and trucks, with their own distinctive style and build.

Let's talk a little bit about some of the parts and systems that make these vehicles unique.

A Good Grille

Unlike some modern vehicles, the Willys tends to have a sturdy and stylish front grille structure that's often built into the actual metal frame of the vehicle. If you're familiar with the kinds of chintzy grille styles and materials used on lower end cars, you'll appreciate the idea of integrating the grille with the vehicle frame and having solid metal grid work that's a seamless transition from what's around it.

Then you have your specialty builds, for example the 1941 pickup truck with its scoop style nosecone and narrow-set grille underneath.

When you look at these vehicles next to your generic sedan or pickup truck, you see the major differences that Willys owners appreciate.

Round Recessed Headlights

This is another major style factor that distinguishes Willys from many other types of vehicles.

These headlights on Willys Jeeps and trucks look worlds different from the plastic monstrosities that go on the front and back corners of your typical late-model car. Instead, the Willys tends to have completely round discs with metal edging that shine out from under the hood. Fully recessed headlights make these an innocuous part of the vehicle’s exterior, but provide the light you need to drive at night or in inclement weather.

Side Mirrors

Here again, you're looking at a distinctive style that's more a part of the antique and classic car market than the generic new car market.

Where almost all of your new street car models have plastic side mirrors joined directly to the frame, Willys jeeps have that elegant metal side mirror design that may be attached by a steel arm or tucked into the vehicle design in some way. That leads us to a related point, which is that many of these vehicles have a lot of chrome. Big bumpers and chrome mirror and grill areas are some of the additional style elements that make these vehicles appeal to buyers.

At The Jeepsterman, we have a full selection of parts and systems for your vintage Jeep or Willys vehicle. Browse the site and you'll see that we have the selection and range that you want for maintaining one of these top vehicles in top condition.

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