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Ross or Saginaw Steering?


We get a lot of questions whether people have Ross steering or do they have a Saginaw?

Hey guys this is John at jeepsterman today we have a 1967 jeepster commando we're going to talk about raw steering real quick because we get a lot of questions whether people have ross steering or they have a saginaw raw steering you're going to find on the 67 through 69 jeepster commando vehicles and all the older cj's had it as well so we're going to start out with the front components up here by the firewall so up towards the front here's the gearbox these are manual all raw steering or manual these most of them actually say gimmer on them even though everybody calls them ross so here's your gear box that we have here here's the rag joints sometimes these wear out then you got your pitman arm all right then we have a drag link that goes from this pitman arm up to this bell housing up here there's a drag link repair kit you can actually see this one starting to fall apart a lot of people those are common components for wear that they'll place replace is the drag link repair kit the bell crank here has bushings in it that bell crank actually wears out too and some people need to replace those along with the bushings uh we're also going to talk about the front dump exhaust on the 225 it's kind of a goofy design but it dumps towards the front as you can see so that it clears the steering gear box for the uh raw steering then moving underneath the vehicle so we already talked about the bell crank here so you got a tie rod there and then you have a tie rod that is over here now the steering knuckle on the raw style steering has one provision for a tie rod and that's it so on the saginaws they had two so that pretty much covers the main components and features of the rostering they're all manual steering as you can see there's several parts that you could have player wearing that you might need to replace we sell all those parts if you have questions feel free to reach us our website's the or call us 314-798-6462


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