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Rear Axle Identification Tips

Hey guys this is John at Jeepsterman. Today we're going to talk about a common question we get... We're talking about a Jeepster Commando rear axle. You know the rear axle- Jeepster Commando would have come in a Dana 30, a Dana 44, or a one-piece flange Dana 44. This one that we're looking at today is a Dana 30. A lot of people don't know how to tell the difference between a Dana 30 and Dana 44 but it's actually quite simple. There's a tell-tale sign if your axle cover looks the same as the front axle cover on the front, then it's a Dana 30, because the Dana 25, the Dana 27, and the Dana 30 all share the same axle cover so if the pattern and axle cover and everything looks the same as your front, then you have a Dana 30. The Dana 30 is a weaker axle. A Dana 44 axle cover looks totally different than this, so that's an easy way to tell. Another easy way to tell between a one piece and a two piece: if you have a two-piece axle you're going to have a nut on the end of this thing okay... I call that the Jesus nut because if it comes off, you're going to be saying "Oh Jesus"... but that's how you tell you got a two-piece axle. So there's a two-piece... The Dana 30s, they're all two piece axles. The Dana 44; there's a two-piece Dana 44 and then there's a one piece Dana 44. One Piece would not have this nut on it it would just have a regular flange on the end. So, just wanted to talk about those axles today... and if you got more questions you can email us: If you go on our website it shows pictures of the different axle cover gaskets if you need help identifying your axle. Thanks!

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