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Jeep Disc Brake Conversion

Do you like modifying your Jeep vehicles?

Many of the older models have a lot of value as legacy vehicles that can be modernized and outfitted for today's roadway. One of the most popular conversions is a Jeep disc brake conversion project. Here's where you can take an old brake system and make it new and attractive, while making sure that you'll have the braking power you need on the road in the future. We make it easy to buy and install these full brake kit packages, because we know how useful they are for our customers who love the old Willys and Jeep vehicles of years gone by. Whether you are showing off at auto shows or just driving your local neighborhood, you’ll like having a brake mod in place to enhance your drive time and optimize safety on one of these aged vehicles.

More Stopping Power

Some people take on this kind of project because the jeep’s old brakes just don't feel quite right anymore. You may feel the brake pedal going to close to the floor, or spongy or squishy brakes that just don't provide optimal stopping distance.

By switching to a modern disc brake setup, you can get a lot more out of your mature Jeep/Willys model.

Modernizing Your Jeep

As mentioned, some of these models look like what they nearly are – antiques. Some owners want that classic look, but they still want to have good mechanical hardware in their vehicles. They want to be driving an elegant antique, but they don't want to be driving a rust bucket, if that makes any sense. So a disc brake conversion can be a great part of keeping the jeep in modern condition, while still preserving its attractive antique veneer.

Curb Appeal

On the other side of the coin, some other owners actually want to change the look of their jeep to make it look newer. Some of them like the oversized or brightly colored brake calipers that come with new jeep disc brake conversion kits.

Regardless of your reasons, when you get one of these disc brake kits, you'll need calipers, rotors, hoses, pads and more. We have it all at Kaiser Willys Jeep. We have the parts to outfit your legacy jeep model ranges as promised on the web site, with easy ecommerce systems to help you to get the deal made, so that you can get your project started. Ask us any questions about shipping or anything else, to upgrade your jeep with ease.

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