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Universal Daytona Carburetor

Hey guys this is uh John a JeepsterMan today we're working on our cj3b here that we're going to be entering into the uh Epic Willys Adventure race event so I just wanted to talk about this uh Universal carburetor that we sell in just a little tip for this when doing the installation um obviously this is a f head 134 engine and this this part number for this carburetor is 9-0 zero one um you can find it on our website but I just want to talk about a couple installation tips for this so you'll find that on the F head your linkage won't quite clear uh would actually be too high on this and what's cool about these carburetors you can adjust this arm here so I moved the arm up some there's these little pins and you can move this up however your linkage up here would still end up hitting the top of the valve cover so what I did was got a set of vice grips clipped it right there and then I bent it down some to line up and that that's the idle position and you can see that we clearly have nice now you can really see that bend that I had to do right there so you can see that we've got all the full travel that we need [Music] and you press the accelerator pedal down so just wanted to talk about that little tip there now something that I'm gonna do um you know these these 134 engines they're notorious for getting vapor lock if you run them for extended periods of time you know that heat transfers up from the intake manifold there into your carburetor it can boil the fuel and then you've got vapor lock so what I'm doing on this one because we're going to be running this thing for long periods of time during the day and even for some people like to cruise these on the weekend you might want to think about this so I don't have the part yet I just ordered it and I'll try to get these things listed on the website but I just ordered a spacer so I ordered a quarter inch spacer and a half inch spacer here it is the correct width should fit this carburetor Center to Center is 2 and 11 16. and if we put that spacer in there it's exactly what it's meant for is to reduce that heat that transfers from the intake manifold to the carburetor so it should solve that issue and reduce the you know the likelihood that we would get vapor lock so we'll be doing that as well I just don't have that part here yet for that we'll do that later if you got questions or you want to check this carburetor out uh really they're they're nice carburetors really like them and um you can find these on the website the website's Dodge jeepsterman.com you can email Us sales at the jeepsterman.com you can call us 314-798-6462 again the part number on this one is nine zero zero zero zero one thanks to get a free copy of the Willys and Jeep Restoration Parts Catalog from the JeepsterMan go to www.thejeepsterman.com and order your free copy today

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