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Static Timing Hurricane Engine

John at JeepsterMan today we're going to talk about timing only zeph had 134s so this one this engine came from someone else that rebuilt it and I tried to time this thing could not get it to time properly just it just wouldn't run right and when I was checking it I was like you know what this thing seems like it's 180 out um and it ended up being 180 out so something I'll show you about these Distributors this little tab on the end of the distributor it's offset to one side so when you're putting this distributor in and trying to line it up with the slot and the oil pump it'll only go in one way um and this one was 180 out is is how that worked out so what we had to do um we had to find top dead center on number one first so we held our finger we took the spark plug out held our finger over that and then we rotated it the engine over until we found the notch Mark in the crank pulley and it corresponded with compression that we had coming out of the number one so we knew we were at top dead center um when we did that then when we pulled the distributor out we could see that we were 180 out so this is number one our number one was all the way up here so we knew we were 180 out um and you can get them to run by having them 180 out but you will never get that thing to time right we ran out of time and you couldn't get a time right and it we knew that it wasn't right so what we had to do next was the oil pump over here um the oil pump we only had to remove three bolts we didn't have to take the exhaust loose nothing so all you do is just remove those three bolts and it's great if you got two people to do it so you just pull that oil pump down a little bit don't pull it out all the way just lower it down just a couple inches and at that point in time the gear on the end of the oil pump is not connected to the gear on the cam it'll spin freely so then with Joan on one side me on the other side I took a long screwdriver um screwdriver right here and I had this distributor out so then I was able to get in here and turn that oil pump 180 degrees so when I turned that oil pump 180 degrees then what we needed to do was line that up to where number one was at the five o'clock position all right so it needed to be at the five o'clock and you had to like I said this offset only goes one way so we had to have it lined up so basically I would hold my distributor like so and I would turn it to like number one where it's supposed to be it's a five o'clock position and realize that I needed to turn the tab on the oil pump to this so once we did that and I pushed the distributor in he held the oil pump from the other side and we got the two to clock together um the keyway locked together then we went ahead and put a bolt in the oil pump got that tightened up secured the distributor down and wouldn't you know it as soon as we fire this thing up it fired right up um so we just want to talk about that problem whoever put this engine together put that oil pump 180 out um you know you expect that most of these engine rebuilders are going to do these properly but if you run into the problem like we did and we knew it was 180 out that's how we solved it that's how we fixed it it really wasn't that difficult to do um it is nice if you have two people to do it but we just wanted to point this out because we've heard of this problem other people having this problem they call it static timing we learned this off the CG cj3b info site but it's really the same for all the f-head engines on how to time those like that so thanks for watching our video if you got any questions sales at the you can email us if you need to you can call 314-798-6462 which is thank you guys for watching 

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