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Four Reasons To Lift Your Jeep

At The Jeepsterman, we maintain a diverse set of effective lift kits for your Jeep or Willys vehicle.

That's just part of our broad catalog of parts and systems for these vintage and specialty vehicles that are so beloved by collectors and others, and that look real snazzy on the road.

Why do people purchase lift kits for these types of vehicles?

Let's talk a little bit about the process of lifting a Jeep, and why it's commonly done.

The Joys of Off-Roading

Obviously, jeeps are some of those vehicles that are most commonly used for traveling off-road. We know that off-road terrain is not like a street or highway. These areas are not carefully paved, and rocks and outcroppings and other obstacles provide more challenging topography.

One way to tackle this is by equipping your Jeep with larger sized rugged wheels. Another way is to lift the Jeep higher off the ground in order to clear any obstacles that come up. That’s where a lift kit may come in handy.

Sitting Up High

Another reason some cheap and Willys owners choose to use a lift kit is that you get a different vantage point when you're sitting higher in the driver's seat or the passenger seat.

If you're looking to enjoy scenic vistas from the seat of your Jeep, a lift kit can be a good idea.


Here's another big plus of having a lift kit installed in your Jeep or Willys vehicle.

It has to do with the difference in maintaining and repairing these kinds of vehicles over time.

If you go to what some people call a ‘shade tree mechanic,’ you'll see people complaining about trying to work on vehicles without a hydraulic lift. When vehicles are too close to the ground, it's very labor-intensive to get under there and try to deal with parts and systems. Even something like an oil change can take quite a bit of time.

With that in mind, a properly lifted Jeep allows you to quickly slide in under and check various parts of the undercarriage without using jacks and jack stands. Always remember: safety first!

Captain and Commander

Some people just like the look and feel of having a lifted Jeep. That's okay too. We have the specialized parts and customized rare set ups you need to achieve this kind of modification. Check out everything we offer to ship, available by the modern principle of ecommerce for the future of your vehicle investment.

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