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Driving Your Willys Around

There's something about a traditional Willys vehicle that just makes a gearhead’s heart warm.

We saw one of these excellently restored jeeps at the local ice cream shop last week, sitting gleaming in the sun with a brand-new paint job and all of those signature features from the grill to the hubcaps. It's just a beautiful thing to behold.

Simply put, these vehicles get around. Their iconic look is something that you're going to see often on the American road, because of what they offer the modern driver. Sure, you can get a Wrangler, or a super-sized Jeep Cherokee to haul stuff, but the Willys is something different – it’s something special.


Many people like to be out and about when they have one of these legacy vehicles to show off. You'll see one casually parked at the busiest local brewery, or in one of the hottest parks downtown.

Just look out for those no cruising signs…


Yes, you can take your Willys vehicle off-road, too. Just remember to look out for stray twigs and branches and uneven terrain, because even though your Willys Jeep is built for off-roading, no vehicle can fix driver error.

However, you won't have to worry about low clearance or delicate sway bars or any of that nonsense, especially if you've taken the plunge and lifted the vehicle or put on the oversized wheels that help you to navigate off-road terrain well.

Classic Shows

Some of the older Willys vehicles show up as antiques at the classic car shows. This is another great opportunity to really show off what you've done with your automotive treasure, in a way that also participates in what your local community has created to bring people together. It may be only a day or two, but this gets your ride in front of a lot of eyeballs!

So how do you keep your legacy Willys in great shape with replacement parts and systems? If you don’t have a second “parts vehicle” lying around in your back yard, take a look at what we stock at The Jeepsterman. We have the jeep and Willys parts that you need to restore and maintain one of these versatile sets of wheels, for everything we talked about above, and more. Let us help you to maintain one of your flashiest and most stylish assets, one that looks great in the lot or in the garage. We specialize in 1941-1986 models, with the right kinds of assistance through our easy-to-use ecommerce portal. We’re ready to help!

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